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8SS-Conflicts Intens

Conflicts Intensifies (Kendall)

What killed many Native Americans? European diseases
In what way did the Native-Americans depend on the Europeans? for trade
What was steadily building between the colonists and the natives? tensions
Who was pushed out of their territory and forced to relocate entire tribes? the Native-Americans
What did corrupt traders do to the Native-Americans? they took advantage of them, enslaved and abused Native-American men, women and children
What would happen to the Native-Americans if they resisted? their entire village was wiped out
What year did the Tuscarora Native-Americans decide they had enough? 1711
Where did the Tuscarora try to relocate but were not allowed? Pennsylvania
Who was the colonists leader? John Lawson
What happended to John Lawson? he was captured and killed
Who did the colonists become allies with? the Catawba Tribe
How many Tuscarora people were killed in the final battle? 1000
Where did the remaining Tuscarora people relocate after the war? New York
What year did the Carolina Colony divide into North & South Carolina? 1712
Who was Daniel Boone? an American legend
What did Daniel Boone do during the early part of his marriage? he was a typical colonial farmer
Who took over all of his duties when Daniel Boone left to hunt? his wife, Rebecca
What type of traditions di the Boone's embrace? both European and Native-American
What did Daniel Boone become reknowned for? his hunting skills
Who does Daniel Boone owe much of his success to? the Native-Americans
In what ways did Daniel Boone rely on the Native-American strategies? he grew his hair long, wore moccasins and deerskins and painted his face black
Created by: masonteach
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