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Chapter 7

Social Studies

What allowed Henry Ford's Model T to be sold for half the cost of other cars? The use of the assembly line.
List three ways that the automobile changed life in the U.S. 1. Roads were improved. 2. It created many new jobs. 3. People were able to live farther away from their jobs.
What nickname was given to romantic dramas, and why did they receive that nickname? Soap operas, because they were often paid for by soap companies.
What is one important reason why Prohibition failed? The police were mostly unsuccessful in stopping bootleggers.
Which two musicians recorded "St. Louis Blues" together? Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong
What is the famous Harlem Renaissance figure, Jacob Lawrence, famous for? He was an artist that created several series of paintings showing African American life and history.
How did mass media help make athletes popular in the 1920s? Radio made listening to sports possible for fans.
How did working life for women change in the 1920s? Many women moved from factory work to office jobs.
What was the effect of crop prices falling? Many farmers had difficulty paying off debts.
What was the effect of stock prices falling? Many investors sold their stocks.
List three causes of the Great Depression. 1. The stock market crashed. 2. High tariffs were placed on imported goods. 3. Many people borrowed money from banks that they were unable to pay back.
How did the Great Depression affect the lives of children? Children had to quit school and work to make money for their families.
What did the Social Security program do? It provided monthly payments to the elderly, disabled, and unemployed.
What was the effect on people of the Dust Bowl. Many people became migrant workers.
Which new form of entertainment in the 1930s included characters like Batman and Superman? the comic book
List three details to support the conclusion that mass media encourages a common American culture. 1. People bought the same products that were advertised on the radio. 2. The same songs, shows, and movies became popular across the nation. 3. Many people copied the hairstyle and clothing of their favorite movie stars.
List some of the effects of the 18th Amendment. 1. Less alcohol abuse in some areas. 2. Many ignored law. 3. Bootleggers took over alcohol industry. 4. Some alcohol was dangerous to drink. 5. Violent clashes between bootleggers. 6. Amendment was repealed.
What were the three R's of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs, and what did they accomplish. 1. Relief programs provided assistance to those in need. 2. Recovery efforts were aimed at improving the economy. 3. Reform laws were designed to correct weaknesses that led to the depression.
What caused the Dust Bowl? A severe drought and high winds through the Great Plains.
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