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Chapter 545454545

abolitionist person who worked to end slavery
affirmative action policies and efforts made to improve opportunities for minority groups
Confederacy alliance of Southern states that seceded from the Union and fought int he civil war
discrimination act or process of treating people of one group differently because of race, religion, or any factor not based on individual merit
Emancipation Proclamation document issued by President Lincoln in 1863 that freed the slaves in the Confederacy
ordinance regulation or law
poll tax fee paid in order to vote
quota rule about the number or proportion of people admitted to an organization, school, company, or country
racial profiling making generalizations based on skin color or ethnicity in policing or security work
reverse discrimination discrimination against a majority group such as whites or males
secede formally withdraw from a group or organization, such as the Confederate states from the Union 1861
segregation policy that forces the separation of one group of people from another, based on race, sex, religion, or other similar characteristics
suffrage right to vote
suffragists people who worked for women's right to vote
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