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Revolutionary war 89

Revolutionary war study stack

why did the colonists want to be independent? what was their arguement? No Taxation without representation
What Pamphlet did Thomas Pane write? Common Sense
where didd the proclamation of 1763 say that the colonists ciuld not go? west of the appalachian mountains
What silversmith and mwmber of sons of liberty rode to warn that the Brittish were comming? Paul Revere
What coloinial group in Boston led by Sam Adams would tar and feather tax collectors? The Sons of Liberty
List two of the Intollerable acts? Closed Boston Harbor and Forced colonists to house brittish soldiers
What term means total control over product and service? Monopoly
What law said that colonists had to house and feed redcoats? Quartering act
What law making group in england didn't let colonists vote? Parliament
What did you call someone who want to be free from england? Patriot
What do you call someone who wants to stay with England? Loyalists
Who said "Give me liberty or give me death? Patrick Henry
In what battle was the "shot heard around the world?" The battle of Lexington and Concord
What did you call colonists who were ready to fight at a moments notice? Minutemen
What law was desined to get east India tea com pany out of death? Tea act of 1773
What law put a tax on all printed material? The Stamp Act
Who thought colonists were unintelligent and not capable of ruling themselves? King George III
What term means to change governement and is also the name of this war? Revolution
What advantages did the colonists hve in the Revolutionary war? Home Field advantage and Foreign aid
What adavaantages did the british have in the revolutionary war? professional soldiers and more money/supplies
What event was engraved to fet colonists to support the war? The Boston Massacre exaggerated how the "innocent" colonists were shot down by the brittish.
Who made that engraving? Paul Revere
Who drew a cartoon of a snake that said "join or die?" Bejamin Franklin
What do the letters on the snake stand for? The Colonies
Who helped the americans learn drilling and hoiw to use bayonets at valley forge? Federick Von Steuben
What was the name of the german mercenaries who helped the brittish and lost at tremton? Hessians
What country were the redcoats from? England
at what early battle did the americans loose after runnig out of gunpowder but gained hope by killing two brittish for each colonist? Battle of Breed's/Bunker Hill
Who was named general of the american continental army, by the continental congress? General George Washington (Later known as the first president of the United States
The declaration of independence was based on the mayflower compact, the english bill of rights, and what other document? Magna Carta
What country decided to help the colonies after the battle of Saratoga? France
At what battle did tthe patriots gain a suprised victory at christmas time? Battle of Trenton
At what fort did Ethan Allen help take brittish cannons without firing a shot? Fort Ticonderoga
What did many soldiers because of the harsh conditions at valley forge? Many Soldiers Deserted or left
Who was the brittish general that surrender at the battle of saratoga? General Burgoyne
What term means to refuse to buy goods from britain as a protest to taxes, like what the sons of liberty did? Boycott
Who wrote tthe Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
To what battle was George Washington heading when he crossed the Deleware rive ina famous painting? Battle of Trenton
How is the picture of Washington crossing the deleware an example of propoganda? Wadhington is brave while crossing a river that has ice in it. They want to get across the river so that they can continue fightting the war.
Propoganda information that is spread to influence the way people think;it is often incomplete or biased information.
Created by: tboever17