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Social Studies

Industrialism a system based on the use of machines rather than on animal or human power
Agricultural Revolution helped industry to take root in Great Britain
Enclosure Movement allowed large land-owners to fence off common lands
Crop Rotation rotating crops on three fields
Domestic System cottage industry
Factory System a method of production that brought machines and workers together
Urbanization movement of people from rural areas to cities
Zaibatsu government and industrialist
Monopoly total control
Strike the refusal to work
Socialism believe that society
Means of production factories, land, capital, and raw material
Partnerships involves two or more entrepreneurs
Industrial Capitalism a system that was based on the industrial production goods
Corporation organizations owned by stock holders who buys shares in a company
Trade Unions an association of workers with the same skill who unite to improve wages, benefits, working conditions, and workers rights.
Jethro Tull invented the seed drill
Francis Cabot Lowell opens a textile mill
Samuel Slater slips out of Britain, carrying spinning know-how
Matthew Perry arrives in Japan with a fleet of new steam-powered warship.
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