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Democratic Revolutio

4th Grade study of the democratic revolution in the U.S and France 1770's

What kind of government did the united States have after it declared independence? republic
What happened at the Constitutional Convention in 1787? The United States made a new plan of government.
What is the Constitution? The basic law of government, establishing the form of a country's government.
How can the U.S. Constitution be changed? by three-fourths 3/4 of the states voting for a new amendment.
What event occurred on July 14, 1789, and is regarded as the start of the French Revolution? A large crowd stormed the Brastille.
What was the Terror? A time of violence in France when enemies of the revolution were killed.
What are the three stages that best describe the progress of the French Revolution Monarchy, republic, empire
What was the Napoleonic code? A single set of new laws written for everyone in France
What did John Locke believe and Teach? If rulers govern badly, people have a right to overthrow them.
How did the French Revolution affect the rest of Europe? A period of wars followed as other rulers tried to stop the spread of revolutionary ideas.
What was the name of the two great democratic revolutions that occurred in the second half of 1700's? The American Revolution and the French Revolution
Why were some Americans worried about the office of the presidency When the constitution was written? The new president would have to much power and become king
Which to groups make up the U.S. Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. government? Senate and House of Representatives
English political philosopher who taught that everyone has rights John Locke
British general who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo Duke of Wellington
Wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Great French general who became an all-powerful emperor Napoleon
French king at the time of the French Revolution Louis XVI
Known as the Father of the Constitution James Madison
Revolutionary War hero and first president of the United States George Washington
In 1776, American colonists declared independence from England. They started their own republic. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration of independence said that all people had rights. Name three of the rights it named? With that document, American started their own country. And they declared war. It became known as the American Revolution Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
By 1787, American leaders were saying, "We'd better get this right. We want order. We need a better government.' So they came together to design a new government for their country. What was the name of this meeting? the Constitution Convention
An American thinker that studied the constitution of past Republics. he came up with a plan for the new constitution. What is his name? James Madison
The American Constitution is still working today it divides powers up into three branches. What are they? Executive Legislative and Judicial
The U.S Constitution makes sure that each branch of the government has some power over the others. What is that system called? Checks and balances
Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence that the authority to govern belongs to the people
Who was the British general who surrendered at the end of the Battle of Yorktown Lord Charles Cornwallis
In Thomas Paine's Common Sense, he claimed that Americans should be fighting for which of the following? independence
Paul Revere's ride took place immediately before which battle? D. Battle of Lexington and Concord
Which important Revolutionary War figure crossed the Delaware River to defeat the British troops at the Battle of Trenton? George Washington
Which of the following revolutionary leaders led his forces to a victory in the Battle of Saratoga? Benedict Arnold
Who was the British king who lost all of the 13 colonies during the American Revolutionary War? B. King George III
What did Patrick Henry disagree with? . taxation without representation
Who was a famous general and first U.S. president. He led 2,400 men across the Delaware River on Christmas Day, 1776 George Washington
What was the name of the Lexington militia captain who led the revolutionary forces in the Battle of Lexington John Parker
Created by: Escherica
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