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3rd six weeks vocab

FOR HMS 7th Graders

What is a compromise? An agreement in which each side gives up some of what it wants in order to gain something more important
What is a Siege? A military strategy in which an army surrounds a town or fort, bombards it, and waits for the enemy to surrender
What is a Regular Army? A force of full-time soldiers who serve for a period of time.
What is a Barracks? A building in which soldiers live.
What is a Courier? A messenger sent on a urgent mission.
What is a Siesta? A brief nap or rest taken after the noon meal
What is a Renege? To back out of an agreement.
What is an Infantry? Soldiers trained and armed to fight on foot.
What is a Cavalry? Soldiers on horseback.
What is Reinforcements? Extra soldiers sent to a place to make the force there stronger
What is a Provisional Government? Temporary Government.
What is a Bayonet? A long blade that can be attached to the end of a gun.
What is a Tactical Retreat? An organized pullback of troops from an enemy in order to gain an advantage.
What is Atrocity? A cruel and brutal act.
What is a Dictator? A ruler who has complete power over a country
What is a Skirmish? A brief fight of two small groups of soldiers.
What is a War Council? A group of army leaders to plan a course of action for a battle.
What is Manifest Destiny? The belief that the U.S. had the right and duty to expand to the Pacific Ocean.
What is Negotiate? To reach an agreement through compromise.
Created by: zlizerguy7531