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Social Studies Ch4..

This is for the test.

What event led to the first meeting of the First Continental Congress?? The closing of Boston Harbor.
What was the main issue debated durring the Second Continental Congress?? To seek a peaceful or violent solution.
How did King George 3's reaction to the Declaration of Rights affect the relationship between Britian and the Colonies?? It proved to the colonists that Britain would not listen to reason.
Who were the Sons of Liberty?? A group of Patriots who protested British law.
What were British troops looking for in Concord?? A major colonial weapon storehouse.
When the Minutemen faced the Redcoats at the Battle of Lexington, why did the captain yell, "don't fire unless fired upon,"?? He wanted to defend against attack, not start a war.
How did the Second Continental Congress decide to handle the British?? They would create the Continental Army to fight the British.
As George Washington prepared to lead the colonists against the British, what was the Second Continental Congress doing? Attempting to make peace with King George III with the Olive Branch Petition
What effect did Thomas Paine's pamphlet Common Sense have on colonial leaders? It inspired them to challenge British Authority.
Why did Thomas Paine think that citizens should make laws? He believed people had the right to govern themselves.
How did ideas that developed during the Englightenment and Great Awakening influence the colonists' view of government? They began to desire political equality.
Why might the ideas in Thomas Paine's Common Sense have been considered bold at the time? Most of the world was ruled by monarchy.
Why did Thomas Jefferson feel the colonists had the right to break away from Great Britain? Great Britain didn't protect the rights of colonists.
According to the Declaration of Indepencence, how were natural laws different from the laws imposed by Great Britain? Natural laws valued a shared sense of humanity over written legislation.
Why was the "phrase" taxation without representation" so important to the revolutionary cause? Colonists did not wish to support a government in which they had no voice.
How did the Declaration of Indepence raise questions about slavery? Its message wasn't consistent with the practice.
Which group felt the colonists did not need indepencence? Loyalists or tories.
What group was most divided in its support for the Patriot's war effort? Native Americans
Before the battle in New Jersey, why did many Patriot leaders favor a defensive war? Their supplies would last longer.
Why was winning the battle in New Jersey so important to George Washington? The one year contract many of his soldiers were fighting would expire, he wanted them to rejoin.
How was the Battle of Trenton an example of the Continental Army fighting dirty? They attacked when they weren't allowed to on Christmas.
How was the Battle of Trenton different from previous battles? Patriots were on offensive (they attacked first)
Why was the Battle of Saratoga a turning point for the Patriots? Patriots gained France and Spain's support.
What is the likely reason that Spain became an ally to the Patiots? Spanish wanted to regain Florida from Great Britain
Why was the Marquis de Lafayette interested in the American REvoluion? He believed in the rights of all nations governing themselves.
How was France's interest in the revolution important from a financial standpoint? France supplied aid when they believed patriots would win.
Why was the winter at VAlley Forge such a difficult time for the Continental Army? The army lacked protection and supply.
What challenges did the Patriots face at sea? They had too few ships to fight back.
What setbacks did the Patriots face in the West? They hadn't managed to capture Britains major frontier base.
Who was nicknamed the "Swamp Fox" and why? Francis Marion, because of his stealth and lightening speed in carrying out guerilla warfare in the South.
What was the first event that led to the Patriots' defeat of the British at Yorktown? Cornwallis moved his troops in hopes of keeping communication with British Navy.
Why did the British set their sights on conquering the South? They were hoping to gain loyalist in Georgia, the Carolinas and Virgina.
What was the Treaty of Paris, and what did it state? Ended revolutionary war, set up American borders, ended the war, created the USA, gave France New Orleans and Spain Florida.
What was the primary reason the British entered into peace talks with American after the Battle of Yorktown? The British could afford to spend years on writing an agreeable treaty but could not afford to spend more on its army.
Who helped take Fort Ticonderoga and later became a traitor? Benedict Arnold
Who said "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country" Nathan Hale
What battle is associated with the quote "don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes"? What was the purpose of the quote? What was the outcome of the battle? Bunker Hill, the patriots were low on ammo, made sure enemy was close enough to hit so they wouldn't waste gun powder. The Patriots lost because they ran out of ammunition.
Where was the "shot heard" round the world? What does this quote mean? Lexington, MA - began the Revolutionary War.
What is Columbian EXchange? Exchange of plants, animals and diseases between the New World and Europe.
What is Triangular Trade? Trade between England, AFrica, and North America. It includes the Middle Passage.
What is the difference between commercial and substinence farming. Commercial is to grow crops to sell and Substinence is the grow enough crops to survive.
How were Puritans hypocrites? Came for religious freedom but only accepted puritans
What was the Mayflower Compact? 1st written law and order contract in North America
Why was there more diversity in the Middle Colonies? They were more tolerant.
What is the Protestant Reformation? Political and religious movement/division between Catholics and Protestants, people move to the colonies to escape religious persecution.
Created by: NinjaStudy