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History Chapter 8

Vocabulary for History Chapter 8

Thomas Jefferson Republican Canidate in the Election of 1820.
John Adams Federalist Canidate in the election of 1820.
Aaron Burr The vice president to Thomas Jefferson.
Charles C. Pinckney United States minister to france
James Madison Elected president in 1808.
Dolley Madison First Lady in 1808, Saved a famous portrait of the first president in The Burning of Washington D.C..
William Marbury Marbury vs. Marshall said that he wanted his job. the letter was never mailed.
John Marshall Marbury vs. Marshall said that the law Marbury was basing on was unconstitutional.
Meriwether Lewis Former army captain, lead the ----- and --- expidition.
William Clark co-leader of the expidition of ---- and ----
Sacagawea a shoshone from the rocky mountaians acompanied louis and clark with her husband. served as a interpretor.
Zebulon Pike Explored areas. Spanish arrested him as a spy. Creates map. -----'s Peake named after him. Found the red river.
Tecumseh Has a dream to unite the indians and drive the americans out of their land. Forms an allience against america.
William Henry Harrison Heads up a army to defeate the indians. Victorious at the battle of tippecanoe.
Henry Clay From Kentucky a young congress man. Warhawk.
John C. Calhoun From South Carolina a young congress man. Warhawk.
Felix Grundy From Tennesse a young congress man. Warhawk.
Oliver Hazard Perry Built a small fleet and attacked the british in the battle of lake erie. Was victourious.
Andrew Jackson A general who commanded in The Battle of Horseshoe bend and Battle of New Orleans.
Edward Pakenham Leader of a
Toussaint Louverture Leader of the Haiti Revolution also called the black bonapart.
Napoleon Bonaparte Leader of France. Sold louisianna to america.
Charles Talleyrand French dipomat that created the xyz affair when he required a bribe.
James Monroe A American dipolmat trying to purchase New Orleans. Bought Louisiana.
Robert Livingston A American dipolmat trying to purchase New Orleans. Bought Louisiana.
Stephen Decatur Destroys the Barbary coast pirates.
Barbary Coast/Pirates Pirates were killing americans, Commerce is slowed. They stole cargo and held crews ransom for money. Steven Decautor kills/destroys the pirates.
Election of 1800 Thomas Jefferson was the Republican Cadidate, John Adams was the Federalist Canidate.
Results of the Election of 1800 Peaceful change of power from one party to another. Tied race led to the twelfth amendment. Jefferson won.
Marbury v. Madison and Judicial Review Marbury takes out a court case beacuse he was not given his job. The law he was basing his clame on was unconstitutional. Proved that Courts have Judicial Review- They can declare Things unconstitutional.
Know the purpose of Lewis and Clark’s expedition To colect specimes and make maps of the Louisianna territory. to look for a northwest passage if possible. Takes 2 years only loses one man.
Know the purpose of Pike’s expedition To find the red river.
Louisiana Purchase Agreement that roughly doubled the size of the United States. Tried to purchase just ---- But a war came up and france needed money. Cost 15 million dollars. Jefferson put it in the form of a treaty to pass through congress.
USS Constitution Called old iron sides. Frigate. Very fast and powerful.
Impressment The practice of forcing people to serve in the army or navy.
Embargo Act banned trade with all forgeign countrys. Hurt america more than other countrys.
Non-Intercourse Act banned trade with only britain, France and their colonies.
Battle of Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison Heads up a Army to defeat Tecumseh and his alliances. Defeates Tecumseh and destroys the native american allience.
War Hawks Young congressmen who want to declare war with britain.
Battle of Horseshoe Bend Andrew Jackson lead a army to defeate the creek indians. Jackson won the Treaty of Fort Jackson was signed.
Battle of New Orleans Last major conflict in war of 1812
Battle of Lake Erie Oliver Hazard Perry built a small fleet and sailed out to meet the british. The battle ended when the brisish surrendered.
Ft. McHenry The britished attacked ------ shelled the fort for 25 hours. The americans refused to surrender. The british chose to retreate rather then continuing to fight.
Star Spangled Banner Dr. Bean tries to stop biritish looting. Captured as a pisnor. Friend named Francis Gote convenced the british to let him go after the battle. They agree. While he waits he writes the star spangled banner.
The Burning of Washington D.C. British attacked washington and burned the white house, the capitol and othe government buildings.
Capture of Ft. Detroit British capture Fort ----- through deception and bluff.
Battle of the Thames America was victorious Teecumseh is Killed.
Treaty of Fort Jackson Signed in the late 1814 ened the creek war and forced the creeks to give up millions of acres of their land.
Hartford Convention Federalists come togeter favoring a postion that lost. They are ridiculed.
Treaty of Ghent A treaty signed in Belguim on December 24 1814 ended the war of 1812.
Causes of the War of 1812 Impressment of American Sailors Interference with American shipping British military aid to the Native Americans
Effects of the War of 1812 Increased sense of national pride American manufacuturing boosted Native American resistence weakened
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