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geo. fr. ctc

georgia from confederation to constitution

what was the first constitution of the usa the articles of confederation
the states were connected under a weak national government
under the aoc the national gov had one branch
why did the confederation have no executive branch the citizens didn't want to repeat the power that the king had
what type of government was the confederation? unicameral
to change the articles of confederation what must happen all states must unanimously agree
the confederation gave whom/what the power to governor the states
what did the inability of the articles of confederation to regulate trade led to the meting in Annapolis, Maryland discuss the possible changes to the articles of confederation
the failure of all states to show up at the meeting in Annapolis led to a bigger meting in philidalphia the new meting was called the Philadelphia convension
how was Georgia constitution of 1777 like the articles of confederation they were both unicameral
the Georgia government consisted of how many branches 3 branches-judicial, legislative, and executive
why was Georgia constitution considered weak no executive power
what were the three main issues facing the new state of Georgia after the war 1-how to rebuild Georgia 2-pay the states debts 3-establish better relationships with indeans
what is a bounty grant land given to a solider or member in the militia who fought for independence, for there service
what is the headright system a system of giving out land on how many people were in your family
why was Georgia capital moved inland growth of population inland
the lower creek indians and Cherokee Indians gave up land, the didnt upper creek
who was Alexander McGrillivray the leader of the upper creek indeans
the main cash crop in Georgia was tobacco at this time
the was the first sponcered univercity the university of georgia
the new religious denomination in Georgia was the episcopal church
the articles of confederation created a weak central government
the selected the first Governor under the first Georgia constitution legislator
what was the purpose of the Philadelphia convension to change the articles of confederation in order to create a stronger and more effective central government.
why was Georgia interested in the Philadelphia convension Georgia was looking for help with its negotiations with the indians
who were the rep. at the Philadelphia convension abe baldwin william few william peirce william houston
The Plan did away with the Articles of Confederation completely, replacing it with a stronger central government that could collect taxes, make laws, and enforce laws in its own courts. Virginia plan
The centered on keeping the Articles of Confederation with a one-house Congress in which each state had one vote. This plan also proposed giving the Confederation Congress more powers, including the power to tax and regulate trade among states. new jersey plan
what was the great compremise established a bi-cameral legislator senate would have 2 rep. from each state and the house of representatives would be deturmaned on population
when counting population delegates disagreed if should count as a person or propertie slaves
this compromise said that 3/5 slaves were counted for population the 3/5
georgias deligates sighned the constitution abe baldwin will few
what compremise did abe baldwin work on the constitution
why did georgia radify the the u.s. constitution help with indeins strong central gov. and trade business slavery-extended it for 20 years
the first 10 amendments that were added to the constitution was called the bill of rights
georgia didnt want goveners because they held all the power in the royle period
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