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18 amendment liquor can not be manufactured or sold in the United States.
19 amendment Women are given the right to vote.
21 amendment this amendment repeals or cancels the eighteenth amendment
suffrage the right to vote.
Prohibition a time period when making selling and transporting alcohol was unlawful in the United States.
isolationism the policy of one nation gaining control over lands and using them to build an empire.
Quota Acts limitation of immigrants of people.
model T a car made by Henry ford.
urban having to do with the city.
rural having to do with the country.
Buying on Credit not paying everything in full.
Great Migration 2 million African American moved from the rural south to the great north.
Harlem Renaissance African Americans created attest.
Dust bowl during the great deportation a drouth turned much of the great plains in to dusty dry land.
Hoovervilles A name for a shanty town built by unemployed people during the Great depredation.
First 100 President Hoover day in the office.
New deal FDR programs to end the great deprecation.
Fireside chat FDR used the radio to communicate to the American people.
Mein Kempf Hitlers book.
Appeasement The policy of giving in to someone's depends in order to keep peace.
Lend Lease To lend
Non-Aggression Pact The treaty between to states to avoid war.
Nazi A member of a political party in Germany led Adolf Hitler.
Fascism A member of a political party who support extreme nationalism and a dictator.
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