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Rise of Industry

Rise of Industrial America

He invented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
He invented the light bulb Thomas Edison
The era of rapid economic and population growth in the United States after the Civil War and before World War The Gilded Age
By 1900, this was the most industrialized country in the world United States
This transformed the production of steel making it lighter and stronger Bessemer Process
These made factories more productive Assembly Lines
America's first "Big Business" Railroads
The most powerful man in the Railroad industry Cornelius Vanderbilt
This transformed world industry by allowing for taller buildings, stronger railroad lines and heavier machinery Steel
___________ replaced small family owned businesses during the Gilded Age Corporations
When a company controls nearly all of a particular industry Monopoly
He converted the Bessemer Process and became very wealthy in the steel industry Andrew Carnegie
He created the Standard Oil Company John Rockefeller
Millionaires who took advantage of immigrant workers, driving his competition out of business, & used his fortune to influence the national government. Robber Barons
The attitude that government should take a "hands-off" approach to big business Laissez-Faire
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