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Jazz Quiz

King Oliver Dixieland Trumpet
John Coltrane Hard Bop Tenor and Soprano Sax, Flute
Benny Goodman Swing/Big Band Clarinet
Glenn Miller Swing/Big Band Trombone
Louis Armstrong Dixieland Trumpet/Cornet
Count Basie Swing Piano
Miles Davis Cool and Fusion Trumpet
Ornette Coleman Free Jazz Alto Sax
Nick LaRocca Dixieland Cornet
Tommy Dorsey Big Band/Swing Trombone
Buddy Bolden Archaic Jazz Trumpet
Kid Ory Dixieland Trombone
Jack Teagarden Dixieland Trombone
J.J.Johnson Bebop Trombone
Charlie Parker Bebop Alto Sax
Dizzy Gillespie Bebop Trumpet
Edmond Hall Dixieland Clarinet
Trummy Young Dixieland Trombone
Billy Kyle Dixieland/Swing Piano
Barret Deems Dixieland/Swing Drums
Squire Gersh Dixieland/Swing Bass
Charlie Christian Big Band /Swing Electric Guitar
Charlie Byrd Latin Jazz Guitar
Wynton Marsalis All Jazz Trumpet
Stan Getz Big Band /Swing/Cool/Latin Jazz Tenor Sax
Dave Liebman Fusion Soprano Sax
Dexter Gordon Bebop Tenor Sax
Lionel Hampton Big Band/Swing Vibes and Drums
Duke Ellington Big Band/Swing Piano
Gene Krupa Big Band/Swing Drums
Buddy Rich Big Band/Swing Drums
Shelle Man Bebop Drums
Lester Young Swing Tenor Sax
Coleman Hawkins Swing Tenor Sax
Created by: gjones