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industrial revolution was the change in the way things were made man made to machine made
why britain ? because britain had an abundance of natural recourses like coal and iron
textiles textiles were cloth/clothing or any thing people wore or used to make cloths
factories were the place that goods/products were made and produced
James Watt James Watt invented the first ever steam engine
Steam Engine the steam engine used steam to propel the factories so you dont have to build near water anymore
The Rocket the rocket was the first steam powered train
Benefits of the iron Horse It linked a lot of major states together it was a rail road cut ravel time drastecly
Robert Fulton He built the first steam powered boat
benefits of the steam powered ship people could now travel to different continents and it made travel on water a lot easier and faster
Changes in farming Cyrus Mcormick invented the horse drawn reaper John Deer invented the better plow
Cyrus Mcormick invented the horse drawn reaper
John Deer invented a better more efficient plow
Middle Class the middle class was the somewhat beter off people then the working class they owned the mills and factories
working class the working class were the work horses of the industrial revolution the working class usually lived in cramoped quareters they made every thing
life in industrial cities life in the industrial cities was bad there was free running sewage and black smoke porinhg out of the smoke stacks
unions a union is a group of people who join together to demand better working condidtions
strike when union members left their jobs to demand better work conditions and pay
Karl Marx he believed that the workers would take over the entire government
socialism the support of public out rage of all the recources and industries
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