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history quiz1

which 2 -isms believe in belligerant racism? facsism and nazism
what is facsism primarily based on? marxism and socialism
what are hitler's targets? jews, communists, blacks, catholics, jehovah's witnesses, homos, handicapped, gypsies, political enemies and those who aided Jews
when did a communist party form in the us? 1919
which countries made up the allied powers? england, usa, soviet union, china, and france
which countries made up the axis powers? germany, italy, japan, spain, and the soviet union
what was the atlantic charter? an agreement made between fdr and churchill
where was the atlantic charter and when? august 1941, on newfoundland coast (b/c usa was neutral so it had to be a secret meeting)
who's nickname was "razor"? hideki tojo
who orchestrated the attack on pearl harbor? hideki tojo
who was the japanese admiral? yamamoto
who's name means "man of steel"? stalin
who became "de facto"? stalin
what year did stalin come to power? 1928
what year did tojo and yamamoto come to power? early 1930s
what year did musselini come to power? 1922
who used propoganda more than anyone else? musselini and hitler
who became "der fuhrer"? hitler
when did franco come to power? 1936
what do u need to control to be a dictator? military, government, media, religion, education, industries, CREATE A COMMON ENEMY!
what was the good neighbor policy? the idea of improving relations with latin america
which countries were the us led out of? niceraugua and haiti
what year does the mexican government take over us owned oil companies? 1938
Created by: spicyinyello