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WWI vocab test


What was the Great Migration the movement of African Americas to northern cities.
What was the selective service act a means of drafting young men for the military forces.
What did U-boats do changed the rules of naval warfare because it remained hidden and fired without warning.
What is rationing distributing goods to consumers in a fixed amount.
What was the name of Wilson's program for peace Fourteen Points
What is stalemate a situation where neither side can gain an advantage over the other.
What is isolationism a type of foreign policy in which a nation avoids any foreign entanglements in favor of their own national interests.
What is militarism refers to nations that aggressively build up their armed forces in preparation for war
What is Neutrality the act of remaining un-allied during a conflict
What is an alliance system developed among nations designed to increase each nation's security
What is Self-determination a country’s ability to establish one’s own government for their choosing.
What is propaganda government sponsored information intended to sway public opinion and is designed to increase support for a position
What are reparations payments for economic injuries suffered during a war
What was the Western Front an area of fighting in Northwestern France between the French, British, and the Americans vs. Germany
Why was most of Europe drawn into war because of a network of alliances
What is an armistice a cease fire
Created by: dalizavez