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Chapter 6 Short Answer

How did Confederate and Union leaders find men who could be good leaders? proven leaders, outsmarted enemy in battle, family reputation and wealth
Which Union leader was given the task of capturing the the capital city of Little Rock? Frederick Steele
Which slave owner and tobacco planter was against secession at first but later joined the confederacy? Sterling Price
Once secession was finally decided upon, what happened in many NW parts of the state People refused to fight for the south
Give the names of at least 2 Arkansas units that formed to fight the war. Camden Knights, Jacksonport Guards, Hempstead Rifles
Give ex. of at least 2 problems soldiers faced while living in camps and preparing to fight. Boredom, disease and hours of drilling
Why did Civil War battles often have two different names? South used names of rail road junctions or towns while North used the names of streams, rivers or creeks
What states and territories were considered part of the Trans-Mississippi Region? Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Indian Territory
What did some soldiers use to store gun powder in to keep dry? Brass Flasks, Bull Horns
(WILL B ON TEST) Which law passed by Confederate Congress became very unpopular among regular soldiers? Why was it so unpopular? The Conscription Act. Unpop. b/c it allowed wealthy men to pay others to serve in their place and planter who owned 20+ slaves were excused from the law
Why were African American men who had not been allowed to fight suddenly being recruited for the war? B/C of the countless dead, wounded and those taken prisoner, so there was a strong need for the soldiers
What action did Arkansas's Confederate leaders take as Union troops moved closer to the capital city. Moved capital from Little Rock to Washington, Arkansas
Created by: twilover98
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