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Arousal in sport stack cards

What is the theory which has now account of over arousal? The Drive Theory
Name the 3 theories? Drive Theory, Catastrophe Theory, Inverted U
When Participating in sports, low levels of arousal are useful for Novice or Elire Performers? Novice Performers
What is Somatic Arousal? Physiological effects. eg. Increased heart rate/sweating
Define Arousal? State of general preparedness of the body for action involoving physiological and psychological factors
What does P=DxH stand for? Performance = Dominant Responce x Habit
What happens after Optimum arousal on the Catastrophe theory? The performer becomes over aroused and has a sudden drop in performance
What can drive theory prove novices are uneffected with arousal levels at first? They do not have the dominant responses to work and respond to the cues
True/False: Arousal includes Somatic and Cognitve factors? True
Is Tackling in rugby a gross skill or a fine skill? and how aroused must you be to perform this? Gross Skill / High Arousal levels
Low levels of arousal are needed for: Rugby Tackle or Putting in Golf Putting in Golf
True/False: Being over aroused in the Catastophe theory means you will have a better overall performance? False.
Why does a novice performer require low levels of arousal? the dominant response is usually wrong and therefore not successful
What is Peak Flow? Optimum level of arousal where you perform efforlessly and with low efficency
What is Attentional Narrowing? Where the performer directs the arousal to a specific task. Very task orientated and direct to a specific task
Created by: userna