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U.S. imperialism study materials

What were the four reasons that the U.S. wanted to expand? Global Competition, Desire for Military Strength, Thirst for New Markets, & Belief in Cultural Superiority
Why did Jose Marti destroy U.S. sugarcane? To provoke the U.S. into getting involved
From what idea did the quote “You furnish the picture I’ll furnish the war” come from? yellow journalism
What did the Treaty of Paris do? Gave the U.S. the Phillipines
What was the battle cry for The USS Maine? Remember The Maine To Hell With Spain
Why was the U.S. so quick to blame the Spanish for the U.S.S. Maine explosion? Headlines printed said it was Spain's fault
What countries did the U.S. “gain” after the Span-Am war? What status (state Puerto Rico and Guam territories Phillipines annexed and Cuba a protectorate
Who was the “hero” at San Juan Hill? TR
What justification for imperialism does President McKinley’s belief about Filipino annexation represent? (look at the quote on pg. 350) Cultural Superiority cultural superiority
Why did the U.S. want equal access to China? What would the Open Door Policy do for them? More trade
What was The Boxer Rebellion? a group of martial artists in China that killed Christian missionaries to erase foreign influence there.
What 3 widely held American beliefs did the open door policy represent? (pg. 357) The growth of the U.S. economy depended on exports U.S. had a right to intervene abroad to keep markets open they feared that any are that was closed to American's threated U.S. survival.
Describe the Roosevelt Corollary and what it “built” upon. Built upon Monroe Doctrine & promised the U.S. would be a police power for Latin America
For what actions did T.R. win a Nobel Peace Prize? negotiating peace b/t Russia and Japan
How did the U.S. gain the ability to build the Panama Canal? bought it from Panama for $40million
Why is the building of the canal considered such a feat? because it was a very difficult job that took a lot of determination to complete
What difficulties did both builders and workers have to face? malaria snake bites land slides dynamite exploding
How did “Speak softly and carry a big stick” relate to TR’s foreign policy? He always backed up his actions with military force (i.e. showing up in Panama with a gunboat to support Panamanian independence)
Created by: abyork