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Social Studies 4


New World The European name for lands in the western hemisphere
Age of Exploration A time in history when people in Europe traveled to far away and unfamilar places
Explorers People who travel to new and unfamilar places
Archeologist Scientist who studies human artifacts to learn about past cultures
Cash crop A crop grown in large quantities for sale
Ore Rock and earth from which metal can be taken
Astrolabe Circular metal object with marks around the edges used for finding position
Compass A tool for finding directions
Tobacco A plant whose leaves are dried and turned into a material for smoking, sniffing or chewing
Maps Drawingsd of shapes of bodies of land and water that show locations of important physical features
What does the Old Testament contain? Writing from the Jewish religion
What does the New Testament contain? Writing of Jesus Christ
What did the bible contain? Stories of teaching of their faith
What are flags symbols of? Power of country and rulers
Why did explorers carry flags? To honor their kings and queens
What does planting a flag on new land mean? Its my land and my king owns the land
How did Europeans count wealth? By numbering and dating each bar and coin
Why did the Spanish stamp a special number and date onto each gold bar? To count their wealth
What did Indians use corn for? Roasting, baking, popping and grinding
Why wouldn't Europeans eat tomatoes at first? They are related to deadly night shade
What other fruit did the Spanish find that looked like a giant pine cone? Pineapple
What did Native Americans do with tobacco? Dried the leaves and smoked them in pipes or cigars and inhaled the powder
What did they make tobacco a part of? It became a cash crop
What is a cash crop? A crop grown in large quantities for sale
What did explorers use astrolabes for? Used to determine latitude of a ship
What does an astrolable look like? Looks like a circular piece of metal with marks around the edges
What did astrolabes enable explorers to do? Sail accurately day or night
What did explorers use a compass for? To know what direction they were going
Where does the needle always point? North
What are maps drawings of? Shapes of bodies of land and water
What did the mapmakers finally understand in the 15th century? The work is round
What did maps of the Americas have for centuries after Columbus? The unknown places
Created by: ianadoyle