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Ch. 5 Lesson 1/2 Voc

Ch. 5 Europeans Conquer North America Lesson 1 and 2

Indians Columbus's mistaken term for Native Americans he found in the Caribbean. He thought he had landed in the Asian East Indies.
Slavery Owning people as property.
Conquistadors Those who conquer. It was also a term used for the Spanish leaders who conquered the Americas.
Hispaniola one of the four islands of the Greater Antilles in the caribbean Sea. Site of the first permanent colony in the Americas. (Present-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic.)
Convert To change someone's religious or political beliefs.
plantation Large farming estate where mainly on crop is grown.
missionaries People sent to another place to spread a religion.
Northwest Passage Rumored link between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It was never found.
Spanish Armada Fleet of war ships that invaded England and was defeated, beginning Great Britain's domination of the Atlantic Ocean and eventually North America.
Created by: gcassidy