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Spinal nerves

How many pairs of spinal nerves are they and how are they named? 31. named and numbered according to regions of the vertebral column with which they are associated
What are the types of Spinal Nerves (5) Cervical Spinal Nerves(8), Thoracic Spinal nerves(12), Lumbar spinal nerves(5), Sacral spinal nerves(5), Coccygeal Spinal nerve(1)
First pair of spinal nerves that exit between the skull and 1st cervical vertebra C1 spinal nerves
Spinal nerves that exit ABOVE corresponding numbered vertebrae via the intervertebral foramina C2-C7 spinal nerves
Where does C8 spinal nerve exit? BELOW the C7 vertebrae
Where do the thoracic spinal nerves and lumbar spinal nerves leave? each leaves below its corresponding numbered vertebra
Spinal nerves that exit through the 4 sacral foramina, one through each foramen S1-S4 spinal nerves
spinal nerve that exits through the sacral hiatus below S5 sacral segment S5 sacral spinal nerves
Exits below first coccygeal segment Coccygeal Spinal Nerve
Besides the coccygeal spinal nerve, no spinal nerves are associated with other what segments? Coccygeal segments
What is formed when spinal nerves join or exchange branches with other nerves? Plexuses
What are the types of roots of spinal nerves? (2) Dorsal Roots, Ventral Roots
Contain sensory(afferent) fibers with cell bodies located in the dorsal root ganglia Dorsal Roots
Somatic afferents from skin and skeletal muscles, and visceral afferents from viscera and blood vessels Sensory(afferent) fibers of dorsal roots
Contain motor(efferent) fibers with cell bodies located in the spinal cord Ventral Roots
What ventral roots contain 2 types of motor fibers? T1-L2 or L3 and S2-S4
What are the types of motor fibers of T1-L2 or L3 and S2-S4 ventral roots Somatic efferents(voluntary)-->skeletal muscle Autonomic(visceral) efferents(involuntary)-->autonomic ganglia->smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, or glands
ventral roots that only have 1 type of motor fiber all other ventral roots BESIDES T1-L2 or L3 and S2-S4 motor fiber is somatic efferents(voluntary)-->skeletal muscle
formed by union of dorsal and ventral roots, carries both motor and sensory fibers Mixed(Complete) Spinal Nerve
Branches of a typical spinal nerve are? (3) Meningeal(Recurrent) Branch, Posterior primary division(Dorsal Ramus), Anterior primary division(Ventral Ramus)
branch that Innervates tissues in vertebral canal(meninges and blood vessels of cords) Meningeal(Recurrent) Branch
branch that innervates the intrinsic deep back muscles and skin covering them Posterior Primary Division(Dorsal Ramus)
what are the 2 types of Rami communicantes? White and gray
attached to T1-L2 or L3 spinal nerves only, contain outgoing(leaving ventral ramus) sympathetic PREganglionic fibers to autonomic ganglia; and incoming visceral afferents White rami communicant
attached to ALL spinal nerves, contain incoming(entering ventral ramus) sympathetic POSTganglionic fibers which then supply-->body wall Gray rami communicantes
What do the ventral rami form in cervical, lumbar, and sacral regions? complex plexuses
In the thoracic region each ventral ramus runs between what? the internal and external intercostal muscles forming certain nerves
Nerve of T1-T11 Intercostal nerves and they run under same rib #
nerve of T12 Subcostal nerve
Branches of intercostal and subcostal nerves (3) lateral cutaneous nerve, anterior cutaneous nerve which splits into lateral and medial branches, and the muscular branches
pierces external intercostal muscle then branches into posterior and anterior branches of the lateral cutaneous nerve-->skin lateral back and chest Lateral cutaneous nerve
anteriorly the the intercostal nerve terminates between the internal intercostal muscle and pleura. Just before it ends it gives off the what? Anterior cutaneous nerve
Anterior cutaneous nerve splits into? Lateral and Medial branches
intercostal and or abdominal muscles are innervated by? Muscular branches
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