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U.S. president during most of WW2 Franklin Roosevelt
President who ordered use of the atomic bombs Harry S. Truman
Dictator of Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Italy Benito Mussolini
Prime Minister of Great Britain during most of WW2 Winston Churchill
Dictator of the U.S.S.R. Josef Stalin
Emperor of Japan Emperor Hirohito
Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in WW2 Dwight D. Eisenhower
U.S. Commander in Pacific. Said, "I shall return" Douglass MacArthur
African-American labor leader who worked to end discrimination in war industries A. Philip Randolph
Battle that was the turning point on the eastern front with the defeat of a German army Battle of Stalingrad
Battle that was the evacuation of British troops across the English channel from France Dunkirk
Battle that was the turning point in the Pacific theatre Battle of Midway
Allied invasion to retake France. Operation Overlord. Began on D-Day. Normandy Invasion
Last counteroffensive by Germany prior to her defeat Battle of the Bulge
Turning point in the North African campaign Battle of El Alamein
Order in which the three main Axis nations were defeated 1st-Italy--2nd-Germany--3rd-Japan
F.D.R.'s policy towards Latin America Good neighbor Policy
Policy that condemned Japan's occupation of Manchuria but took no action Hoover-Stimson Doctrine
Policy of Britain and France to give in to Hitler's demands Appeasement
Legislation that demonstrated U.S. foreign policy at start of WW2 Neutrality/Isolationism
Legislation that gave active material support to the allies Lend-Lease
Supreme Court decision allowing internment of Japanese Americans Korematsu V. U.S.
Form of government of Germany and Italy in 1930s & WW2 Fascist
Form of government of U.S.S.R. in WW2 Communist
U.S. strategy in the Pacific Island Hopping
Laws in Germany that denied rights to Jews Nuremberg Laws
Project to develop the atomic bomb Manhattan Project
Chief scientist of the project to develop the atomic bomb Robert Oppenheimer
Term/tribe Native Americans used to keep military communications secret Code Talkers/Navajo Tribe
Image that encouraged women to enter wartime industries Rosie the Riveter
African-American bomber escort squadron Tuskegee
Phrase that described U.S. role as supplier of arms to the allies Arsenal of Democracy
Formed after WW2 to maintain peace United Nations
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