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The Puritans

What is another word for a pillory? Stocks
From what European country did the Puritans come? England, Great Britain
What church did the Puritans want to "purify?" Church of England
What church did English law require all citizens to be a member of? Church of England
How did the Puritans feel about the English government's required membership in the Church of England? Opposed to it
Name two Puritan settlements in the New World. Boston and Salem
Who settled Connecticut? Thomas Hooker
What was the first settlement in Connecticut? Hartford
Who angered Puritan leaders when he pronounced that white settlers had no right to take away Indian land without paying for it? Roger Williams
Who was the leader of the first Puritan settlement? John Endicott
What happened to many of the Puritan settlers in America during their first few month in the colony? Died of disease
All residents of the Massachusetts Bay Colony had to pay what in support of the Puritan Church? taxes
In Puritan settlements who could vote and hold government offices? Adult males who were members of the Puritan Church
Who controlled the government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Church leaders from the Puritan Church
In the Puritan colony was their freedom of religion? No--everyone had to be a Puritan
What two things made farming in the New England colonies difficult? Poor soil, short growing season
What is meant by growing season? The time from the last frost in the spring until the first frost in the fall. The time when crops can be grown.
What English king gave the Puritans their charter to settle in America? Charles I
What happen to King Charles I? Beheaded by the Puritans in the English Revolution
What was the purpose of a charter? Contract to establish a colony
What joint-stock company provided the Puritan settlers with ships to come to America and supplies? Massachusetts Bay Company
Beginning in 1630, thousands of Puritans came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. What is this time period called? The Great Migration
Name three dissenters who were forced to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Anne Hutchison, Roger Williams, Thomas Hooker
Who thought everyone should have the right to worship in their own way? Roger Williams
Who first said there should be a separation of chuch and state? Roger Williams
What woman openly opposed the Puritan Church leadership and was banished? Anne Hutchison
What colony did Roger Williams establish? Rhode Island
What was the first settlement in Rhode Island? Providence
Created by: marthell