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Upper limb arteries

Sublcavian and upper limb arteries

Arises from the brachiocephalic trunk deep to the cranial part of the sternoclavicular joint. Right Subclavian Artery
Arises from the arch of the aorta dorsal to the left common carotid artery at the level of T4 vertebra. Left Subclavian Artery
Each subclavian is divided into 3 parts by the _____? Anterior scalene Muscle
The first part of the sublcavian artery come from the _____ ______ of the _____ ______ _____.; It has several branches. Medial border. Anterior scalene Muscle
Ascends through transverse foramina of C1-C6 and enters skull via the foramen magnum. Vertebral Artery
Where the two vertebral arteries from opposite sides merge, they form the ___? Basilar Artery
What are the branches of the basilar Artery? And what do they supply? (5) 1.) Pontine--> Pons 2.) Labyrinthine-->Internal Ear 3.) Anterior inferior cerebellar-->cerebellum 4.) Superior cerebellar-->cerebellum 5.) Posterior cerebral--> cerebrum
What are the 2 branches of the vertebral artery? Cervical branches and cranial. branches
What are the branches of the cervical branches of the vertebral artery?(2) And what do they supply? (1) Spinal and Muscular. Muscular branches-->Deep muscles of neck
What are the cranial branches of the vertebral artery? And what do they supply? (5) 1.)Meningeal--> Meninges 2/3.)Posterior and anterior spinal aa.--> spinal cord 4.)Posterior inferior cerebellar a. --> cerebellum 5.)Modullary aa.--> Medulla Oblongata
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What arteries are in the first part of the subclavian artery? (3) 1.)Vertebral Artery. 2.)Internal Thoracic Artery(or Mammary a. 3.)Thyrocervical Trunk
What artery comes from the inferior surface of the subclavian a.? Internal Thoracic Artery(dif name=Mammary a.)
What does the Internal Thoracic Artery supplies? (5) 1.) Mediastinum 2.) Pericardium 3.) Mammary Gland 4.) Intercostal mm. 5.) Pectoralis Major
What are the branches of the internal thoracic artery? (4, that we need to know) 1.)Pericardiacophrenic a. 2.)Anterior Intercostal aa. 3.)Musculophrenic a. 4.)Superior Epigastric a.
Accompanies the phrenic nerve, between plaura and pericardium to diaphragm, pericardium, and pleura. Pericardiacophrenic a.
Supplies the intercostal mm, pectoral mm, mammary glands, skin, anastomosing with the posterior intercostal aa. Anterior intercostal aa.
One of the 2 terminal branches of the internal thoracic a. Supplies the diaphram, abd. mm., intercostal mm., pericardium. Musculophrenic Artery
The other terminal branch, supplies the diaphram then enters rectus sheath anastomosing with the inferior epigastric a. Supplies the abd. mm., skin of abdomen, falciform ligament of the liver. Superior Epigastric Artery
What are the 3 branches of the Thyrocervical Trunk? 1.)Inferior Thyroid a. 2.)Suprascapular a. 3.)Transverse Cervical a.
Supplies the *thyroid gland, larynx, esophagus, infrahyoid mm., anterior scalene m., etc.(*=bolded) Inferior Thyroid Artery
Passes above the superior transverse scapular ligament (the suprascapular nerve passes below. Suprascapular Artery
Supplies the sternocleidomastoid, subclavius, trapezius, supraspinatus mm. Suprascapular Artery
The suprascapular Artery anastomoses with? (3) 1.) Transverse cervical a. 2.) thoracoacromial a. 3.) circumfles scapular a.
Supplies the Levator scapulae and trapezius. Transverse Cervicle Artery
What is the important branch of the transverse cervical a.? dorsal scapular a.
(Deep branch of Transverse Cervical a.) - May arise directly from subclavian, accompanies dorsal scapular nerve deep to levator scapulae and rhomboids..Supplies Levator scapulae and rhomboids. Dorsal Scapular a.
What part of the subclavian artery is posterior to the anterior scalene muscle? 2nd part
Arises from dorsal and cranial surface of subclavian. Supplies 1st and 2nd intercostal spaces, semispinalis capitas and cervicis. Costocervical Trunk
Where is the 3rd part of the subclavian artery located? On the lateral border of anterior scalene to lateral border of first rib.
What artery is a regional continuation of the subcalvian a.? Axillary Artery
Where does the axillary Artery begin and end? Begins at the lateral border of the 1st rib and ends at the inferior margin of the teres major m. where is becomes brachial a.
The Axillary artery is divided into 3 parts by the _____? Pectoralis minor muscle
The 1st part of the Axillary Artery goes from the______ to the ______? From the lateral border of 1st rib to the medial border of pectoralis minor m.
Supplies pectoralis mm. and thoracic wall. Highest Thoracic A.
The 2nd part of the axillary artery goes from _____ to _____? Posterior to pectoralis m.
Supplies pectoral, deltoid, acromial and clavicular ares. Is a branch of 2nd part of axillary artery. Thoracoacromial A.
Branch of thoracoacromial a. that supplies pectoralis major and minor. Pectoral br.
Branch of thoracoacromial a. that supplies deltoid, acromial region. Acromial br.
Branch of thoracoacromial a. that supplies subclavius, sternoclavicular joint. Clavicular br.
Branch of thoracoacromial a. that supplies deltoid and pectoralis major. deltoid br.
Supplies *serratus anterior, pectoralis m, subscapularis, axillary lymph nodes, mammary gland. Lateral Thoracic A.
The 3rd part of the axillary artery goes from the _____ to _____? From the lateral border of pectoralis minor to inferior border of teres major.
Largest branch of axillary Subscapular A
After 4 cm, the subscapular artery divides into? (2) Scapular circumflex and Thoracodorsal arteries.
Curves around the lateral border of scapula and traverses the triangular space. Supplies infraspinatus m., anastomosing with suprascapular and dorsal scapular a.; also supplies subscapularis, teres, deltoid, and long head tricepts. Scapular circumflex a.
Principal supply to *latissimus dorsi; also to subscapularis and serratus anterior. Thoracodorsal Artery.
Runs dorsally around surgical neck of humerus with Axillary nerve through quadrangular space. Posterior Humeral circumflex A.
Supplies deltoid, shoulder joint, anastomosing with the anterior humeral circumflex a. Posterior humeral circumflex A.
Runs ventral to surgical neck of humerus. Supplies head of humerus, shoulder joint, deltoid, etc. anastomosing with posterior humeral circumflex a. Anterior humeral circumflex A.
Supplies BBC, tricps, humerous, and deltoid. Brachial artery
The brachial artery begins at the ____ and terminates about 1 cm distal to elbow where it divides into ____ and ____ arteries. Inferior margin of teres major. divides into radial and unlar arteries.
The largest branch of the brachial a. Deep brachial Artery or Profunda Brachii
The deep brachial artery (prufunda brachii)runs with the _____ in the ____? Radial nerve in the radial(spiral) groove.
Deep brachial artery supplies? triceps, brachialis, humerus, and brachioradialis.
Begins at brachial bifurcation, branches are divided into 3 groups for ease of description. Radial Artery
The radial artery supplies? Radial side of forearm, brachialis, elbow joint, wrist, hand, digits.
What supplies the muscles on the radial side of the forearm. Muscular branches of the radial artery.
Forms an anastomosis with the terminal portion of the ulnar artery. Superficial Palmer Branch
The superficial Palmer branch supplies? Thenar muscles of thumb.
Arises from radial artery deep to the extensor tendons of the thumb? Dorsal Carpal branch
The dorsal carpal branch runs medially across the dorsal carpal surface to anastomose with the _____ and ________, which gives off _____? -Dorsal carpal br. of unlar a. and -anterior interosseous a. -dorsal metacarpal arteries
Dorsal metacarpal arteries terminate as _____? Dorsal digital arteries.
Artery of the anterior thumb. Princeps Pollicis
The terminal part of the radial artery. Deep palmer arch
The deep palmer arch gives rise to ? Palmer metecarpal arteries.
The deep palmer arch anastomosis with? Deep palmer br. of ulnar artery.
The larger of the 2 divisions of the brachial artery. Unlar artery
The unlar artery supplies. (10) pronator teres, brachialis, flex. dig. prof., flex dig. super., flex carpi ulnaris, deep extensor mm of forearm, wrist, hand, fingers, elbow joint.
What are the 2 branches the common interosseous artery? -Anterior (palmer) interosseous artery -Posterior (dorsal) interosseous artery
The anterior (palmer) interosseous artery descends on interosseous membrane, and is accompanied by _______? Anterior interosseous br. of mediam nerve.
The anterior (palmer) interosseous artery supplies? Dp flexor muscles of the forearm
Posterior (dorsal) interosseous artery runs posterior to _______ and supplies ______? -Interosseous membrane -Deep extensor muscles of the forearm.
Anastomosis with deep palmer arch of radial a. Deep Palmer Branch
The ulnar artery terminates at? Superficial palmar arch
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