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unit 4 t-shows that

APUSH, Jacksonian Era

Seneca Falls Convention it showed that Women cared about their rights and di not like the way that men treated them and they thought that action should be taken to improve their rights
nullification It was a way that the states could limit the power of the central government
Trail of Tears It showed that Andrew Jackson had a strong prejeduce against native americans and many of the states saw them as an annoyance to their populations.
Dorothea Dix she showed that reforms during the Pre-Civil War era were highly effective.
Force Act (1833) Jackson showed South Carolina that he was ready to use force to get it to cooperate with the Federal Government.
Lucretia Mott led the Seneca Falls Convention, raised awareness for women's rights and against slavery, which led to reforms and restructuring
compact theory People and states weren't in agreement of the Supreme Court's interpretation and the use of the Supremacy Clause
Brigham Young religious leaders could draw large numbers of people
Specie Circular Helped cause the Panic of 1837.
John C. Calhoun People in the South supported the annexation of Texas
spoils system/rotation in office Andrew Jackson abused his power as president by making new laws and such
Mexican Cession this helped with americans idea of manifest destiny after the signing of the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo the border of texas was the rio grande and now there were american settlers from sea to sea
Oregon Territory It created the northern border of the United States, prevented war with Britain, and added a free state to the Union after Texas was annexed. It was part of John K. Polk's campaign plan, as he wanted Oregon to be a free state, while Texas was a slave stat
National Banking Act It helped the northern states in the Union prepare their economy for the American Civil war that would be fought with the Confederate states. It also helped open a number of national banks all across the country.
Bank war The bank war revealed Andrew Jackson's intentions against the National Bank and showed how he handles various problems as a leader. The Bank War proves how a consistent currency was not in place yet.
Gadsden Purchase The Gadsen purchase could be used to prove that the United States followed the manifest destiny. The manifest destiny said that the United States was destined to stretch from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean.
Cyrus McCormick His invention, the mechanical reaper, proved that technology had improved in agriculture and Agricultural Mechanism was brought about.
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo This shows an example of manifest destiny goals being carried out, and how delicate the balance between the north and south is.
John Slidell He, basically, started the war with Mexico. He told Polk that troops needed to be sent to the border on the rio grand river. Which provoked to declare war, they believed that the US was invading
Neal Dow He was involved in the temperance movement. He believed in abstinence of liquor from a very young age. He founded the Maine Temperance Movement and the National Temperance Society and Publishing House, which both carried his beliefs about abstinence again
Independent Treasury The independent treasury could be used as an example of what actions America took in response to Andrew Jackson's "Pet Bank" dilemma. The independent treasury can also be used to make a point in an argument in regards to the effectiveness of Martin Van Be
American Anti-slavery Society This society can be used as an example of the direct results and reactions to the Second Great Awakening. This society can also be used as an example of the proactiveness of northern citizens to abolish slavery during the 1830s.
Second Great Awakening Reforms like: Abolitionist Movement, Anti-Slavery Movement, Temperance Movement,American Peace Society get more radical.
John Deere This invention enabled mid-western farmers to cultivate the tough prairie soil that was unable to be penetrated by iron plows.
Irish immigration Once this country's food supply became diseased, they were forced to leave their country and immigrate to America.
Maine Laws Proves that the temperance movement actually had an effect on the country.
Removal of Deposits Proves that Jackson wanted the national bank to have less power and that he advocated for the establishment of state banks.
Mexican-American War The 20% increase of land made railroad growth and more expansion westward possible
antebellum The factory growth is what led to issues about child labor and womens' rights, easier and faster production created time for other advancements
Worcester v Georgia US officials had to order Cherokee property rights,
abolitionists some people believed in slavery, but some people opposed it. This divided the nation.
Mormons religious tolerance and acceptance was increasing. Early colonies outlawed other religions, but America allowed any safe religion.
James K. Polk Manifest Destiny was the main focus of the country at the time
Prigg v Pennsylvania The supreme court said the fugitive slave law was only to be enforced by federal officials. southerners viewed this as an act against the south and against slavery
Horace Mann He brought the lower and middle class to his cause and reformed the education system.
Tariff of Abominations It significantly raised prices for American goods. It was an example of special interest groups trading votes in legislature in order to achieve their goals.
Charles River Bridge case This case could be used for many things, including a suggestion to say that the supreme court of the time was in favor of the Democrats. Also, the bridges which were built in this situation became very useful.
Commonwealth v Hunt Legalized the existence of trade organizations, though trade unions would continue to be harassed legally through anti-trust suits and injunctions
American Colonization Society Shows people were just giving up on racial equality instead of trying to fix the issue they are just shipping over seas. The Society had a conservative (non-radical) approach to Slave Abolishment.
Manifest Destiny can be used to prove that land expansion was a very important issue in the 1800s because America was growing and wanted to spread democracy and freedom.
Transcendentalism Displays the new way in which Americans thought exceeding the Second Great Awakening as well as the utopian beliefs that many Americans held, signifying the importance that one should not go too far to achieve a perfect society.
Whigs Shows the opposition weaknesses of Jackson and the federal government at the time that was even more prominent with Jackson's Bank Conspiracy that caused the Panic of 1837.
Webster-Ashburton Treaty Can be used to show that both the US and Britain could compromise and not just go to war and sets example for future border disputes.
Jacksonian Democracy Can be used to prove that Jackson made the democratic party. Jackson made the US more demcratic then any other president before.
2nd Am. Party System Revivalism of Whigs, and forming of an opposition party to the Democrats. The two parties appeared in all states and were standard. This party system was vulnerable to popular issues like slavery.
National Republicans The party showed that Jackson had much opposition that had become more organized when Jackson came to power.
States’ rights Arguments over the states rights vs. federal rights would be challenged many times through out history, particularly through the Nullification Crisis in which South Carolina attempted to nullify the protective tariff because the believed it to be contrary
Tariff of 1828 Many believed that the tariff of 1828 was the 1st instance of "logrolling" or the influence of special interest groups on politics because the Jackson promoters wanted the establishment of the tariff in order to rack up more votes for Jackson. Also, the t
South Carolina Exposition Shows that Many political powers see state power being threatened by federal power. Starts Tensions between the south ,mainly south carolina and the north contributing to the civil war. (South Carolina is the first to secede from the union).
2nd Bank of the United States Jackson vetoing of the bill that would renew the charter of the bank is highly controversial, He is known for vetoing more bills in his presidency than any other. He believes that he truly represents the people since they put him in office, this starts a
Clayton-Bulwer Treaty Many people in the country felt as though the compromise was betraying the Monroe Doctrine. Another key part was that it was suggesting that although the United States announced that they would never do any action to influence other nations, they really i
Shakers Although this group was small and lived in isolation from others, they had a significant impact on society that can still be seen today in America. They invented the flat broom, the clothespin, the first washing machine, the circular saw, and the clothing
National Republicans "
demonstrates the opposition to Jackson's policies of small government"
Webster-Hayne Debate The debates signified a growing split between the North and South.
Clay’s Compromise The shows the conflict between the north and the south during the 1850's
Nicholas Biddle That Biddle was a very important part in the second bank of America and contributed to the Economy of the Nation.
Speculation shows government's laisez faire attitude towards business by allowing porifteering off of government land sales
Wildcat Banks distributed nearly worthless currency and many people were unsure of how secure the banks were
temperance Those who believed the drunkenness of men had to stop joined the movement, and a society was formed in 1826 to encourage others to abstain from drinking hard liquor (whiskey)
Liberty Party This shows that when people in the same party or have the same general opinion on a topic, their individual opinions can cause strife and change within the party or group, eventually leading to a splitting of said group.
utopianism demonsratates some Americans dissatisfaction with American culture and life, especially related to industrialization, and how they sought to flee from that life
Pet Banks These banks show the negativity of the spoils system, which rewarded the allies of the current administration. Political choices were made based on who you're friends were, not what was politically sound or economically sound
Indian Removal Act demonstrates the disrespect for tribal land rights, growing American population, growing need for farmland, and lack of empathy for Native Americans
Young America basically is a group that helps illustrate the fragmented political ideals of the time period. Their policies can be seen in the policies of later presidents
cult of domesticity/true womanhood Went contrary to the woman's rights movements of the time period
DeTocqueville/Democracy in America The book showed that America had made many advances in politics. America's republican representative democracy was one of the advances. The book also points out that America has improvements that need to be made in their political system.
Oneida Community That men don't have to rely on others or specific powers they can rely on themselves to control their own future and destiny by nature. Which led them to see past materialistic possessions.
Brook Farm shows the convergence of utopianism with transcendentalism; demonsratates early attempts at socialism communal living
“Corrupt Bargain” Presidential elections are not always civilized, or well organized, affairs.
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