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Chp. 5 Rivesville WV

8th Grade- Settlement

Frontier The area just beyond or at the edge of a settled area
Democracy Government by the people
Speculator One who buys something such as land, hoping it will increase in value and when sold, provide a profit
Exodus Departure
Denominations Religious Groups
Clergy Minster or priests
Circuit- riding preacher A clergyman who followed a regular route through an area to preach and attend to other spiritual needs.
Discrimination An action that denies people their rights because of prejudice.
Instilled To put an idea or value into a person's mind little by little.
Indentured Servants People who agreed to work for a period of of years as servants in America in exchange for passage to the New World.
Slavery The practice of owning people as property and forcing those people to work.
Blaze To mark
Tomahawk rights A method of claiming an area of land by using a tomahawk or knife to blaze trees around the boarder of the site.
Corn Rights To get ownership of land by planting and harvesting a crop of corn
Girdling Removing a band of bark all the way around a tree to kill the tree and make it easier to remove
Lean-to a form of shelter where logs were laid against something for support
Puncheons Split logs, often set flat side up to form the floor of a cabin
Hominy Hulled and dried kernels of corn that have been boiled
Linsey-woolsey A mixture of flax and wool or cotton and wool
Dialect regional form of a language
Morgan Morgan First permanent settler in West Virginia
Pennsylvania Dutch Germans who fled because of religious persecution
Issac Van Meter Granted 10,000 acres of land in the Shenandoah Valley from Virginia
Joist Hite A German from New York who acquired land which was transferred to Thomas Shepard
Andrew Lewis A surveyor whose family owned part of the Greenbrier Valley
Martinsburg Where Morgan built a crude log cabin
Morgantown Zackquill Morgan established this town
Created by: kmcgahagan
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