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Social Studies 3

estate (1,2,3) social classes of pre-revolutioned France
Clergy Religious leaders of the 1st estate
nobles wealthy landowners of the 2nd estate and holders of high goverment positions
Louis XVI(16th) King of France during the Revolution
Marie Antoinette Queen of France during the Revolution
Bourgeosie Wealthy middle class members of a society
Economy foundation of wealthy increased or deacresed by trade and production
Politics/Political Thoughts,feeling, and or behaviors of or about power
Jacobin Radical member of revolutionary French society who dvocted violence to solve problems
Napoleon Bonaparte ended French Revolution and became emperor of France
Napoleonic Code new laws that helped refor post- revolutionary France
Nationlism a strong belif in loyalty to one's own culture, including language and customs
Conservative one who does not favor dramatic changes
Liberal one who favors dramatic change
Congress of Vienna group of conservative leaders that ment to restore the absolute monarchies in Europe after the Napoleonic Wars
Victor Emmanuel II First king of unifed Italy
Count Camillo de Cavour prime minister of Piedmont nd leader of Italian unification
Giuseppe Garibaldi Leader of Red Shirts in the fight for Italian unification
Wilhem II king of Prussia and first king of unified Germany
Otto Von Bismark Prime minister of Prussia and leader most responisble for Germn unification
Latin American parts of Mexico, Central and South America, and many of the Carribian islandwhere Spnish, Portugesse, or French is the ntional language
Peninsulare Full-blood Spanish born in Spain
Creole Full-blood European born in the Americas
Mestizo mixed Ntive American nd European
Mullato mixed African and European
Toussaint L'Ouverture Leader of the revoultion in Hati
Father Miguel Hidalgo Leader of the 1811 Mexico war for independence
Simon Bolivar leader of revolutions in several South Americn countries(Columbia, Venezuela etc)
Industrial Revolution period when the economies of many countries shifted from farming to manufacturing
Industry a specifc area of trade and production
Cottage industry area of production that takes place in steps in different workers' homes
Textiles cloth/clothing
Industrialization the strengthing- through incresed speed or improved mthods- of one or more specific areas of trade and production
Efficent/Efficiency providing goods and services faster and with less waste of time and/ or reasources
Mass production the making of goods on a large scale
Capital money or other items of value that can be used to invest and increase wealth
Entreprenuer a buisness person
Capitalism the string belif in private ownership and control of the methods and materials of trade and production
Interchangeable parts replacement parts
Rural the country
Urban the city
Urbnization the growth and spread of cities
Laissez-faire Belif the goverment should do nothing for the economy- French for "Leave it alone"
Tenements run-down,cheap apartments that lack basic necesities
Middle Class social group of buisness or professional people (doctors, lawyers, merchants, teachers, etc,)
Labor Union organization of workers formed to protest for or against conditions in a work place
Strike when employies refuse to work in order to make demands on their employer
Social Darwinism the strong belif that only the fittest, strongest and smartest people survive and grow wealthy
Karl Marx German creator of the philosophy of Socialism/Communism
Socialism a strong belif that all members of a society share equality in the areas of trade and goods produced
Created by: SwampFox18
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