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OH-4th gr-Indians

Prehistoric and Historic Indians

What are secondary sources of information? Secondary sources of information are those that have taken many primary sources and written about them to try and form a big picture of what happened or what a time period was like. Examples include: encyclopedia, textbook, historical fiction book
What does prehistoric mean? Prehistoric means the period of time BEFORE written language
What does it mean when a culture shows evidence of cooperation? A group of people must work together to accomplish something. In prehistoric times this could be mound building, hunting mammoths and mastodons
What is a cultural practice? Any activity that a culture does. This could include artwork, mound building, foods that are eaten, the kind of home that people live in
Barter Trading goods with other people without using money
What was the first hunting tool used by prehistoric people? The spear
What advancement in weaponry technology helped prehistoric people hunt better? The atlatl
How are timelines helpful tools to studying the past? Timelines show what events happened in a chronological time order
What does it mean when a culture shows evidence of conflict? Groups of people are not getting along and have tremendous disagreement. One group may force another group to move through fighting or even war.
What are primary sources of information? Any item that is directly from the time period and first witnessed by someone. Examples include in this time period include: mastodon bone, spearhead, mound, artwork found in a mound, pot used by Indians.
How can artifacts help archaeologists learn about the past? Archaeologists can assemble the artifacts and create a hypothesis as to how people lived.
What did the glacier do to the western part of Ohio and much of the middle part of the United States? The glacier flattened the land, left rich soil, created the Great Lakes, rivers and streams
What is the land like where the glacier did not cover in the eastern part of Ohio and the Appalachian Mountains? Areas where the glacier did not cover left big hills, mountains, poor rocky soil.
What was flint and how was it used by Native Americans? Flint is a special rock found in Ohio that was good for forming (knapping) into spear and arrowheads and striking to create sparks for starting fires.
The prehistoric Indians first had a spear and then advanced to the atlatl. How was this technology advancement improve hunting? The atlatl provided more force and allowed the spear to go further.
How did the advancement of farming change the culture of how prehistoric people lived? When Indians began farming this allowed them to stay in one place for a longer time. This meant that they could build stronger homes, have time for artwork, build mounds, and not be as dependent on hunting for food.
How did the cultural practice of ways of getting food change over prehistoric times? Prehistoric people began by hunting mastodons and mammoths to gathering nuts and berries, to farming their food.
How did the cultural practices of creating weapons during prehistoric times change? Prehistoric Indians began with a spear, then added an atlatl, and then developed the bow and arrow.
How did the tools that prehistoric people used change over time? Prehistoric tools began as rocks used a hammer, then added a handle for creating greater force, then used for grinding grain as a pestle and mortar.
How did shelters of prehistoric Indians change over time? Shelters began as simple coverings using poles and animal skins, then small wigwams using bark and grasses, and then huge longhouses where many families lived together.
How do the scientists who study the past, called archaeologists, know what really happened in the past? Archaeologists study as many primary sources as they can find, analyze them, and assemble them to create the best picture they can.