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France Absolutism

How did leaders in France use tensions between the catholic majority and the huguenots? Divide and Conquer Leaders on both sides used the strife to further their own ambitions
Descride the events of St. Bartholomews day. Genoside/persecution or symbolism The huguenots(french protestants) and catholic nobles gathered for a royal wedding. violence broke out killing 3000 huguenots. days later thousands more were slaughtered. it symbolized a complete breakdown is society
Although he chose to convert to catholicism, how did henry IV aid his fellow protestants? Promote social welfare/tolerance he issued the edict of hates. the act granted huguenots religious toleration and allowed them to own towns and cites (on his own conversation he said "Paris is worth the mass"
What was henrys primary goal? what 4 measures were designed to assist this goal? Promote social welfare a. sunday dinner for every peasant b.administer justice c. improve roads d. build bridges e. revive agriculture Henry built ways of transport for a national economy and the royal bureaucracy upon which absolutism is built
Why did cardinal Richelieu seek to destroy the power of the Huguenots and nobles? Genocide/persecution/ new ruling class Because they did not bow to royal authority he smashed their walls and outlawed their armies
Identify and describe the two primary means of louis XIV employed to strengthen his own power. New ruling class/ militarism a. he expanded the bureaucracy and appointed "intendents" royal officials who collected taxes, recruited soldiers (middle class men. b. he built Europes largest army
list the 6 key policies introduced by colbert, the kings economists. protect social welfare/ mercantilism farming mining luxury trades/lacemaking tariffs on goods overseaa colonies trade with colonies
what does the extravagance of louis XIV and Versailles say about the power of the frenchc monarch? absolutism it reinforced how absolute his power was- he could use 1.5 billion dollars and 10,000's of workers for several decades according to his whim.
What purpose did the levee play in securing louis power? Absolutism nobles became preoccupied with gaining the kings favor by preforming small tasks at his rising and before bed
interpret louis statement, I am the state and compare it to the title of sun god. Symbolism JUST AS THE SUN Stands in the centsr of the universe, louis stands in the center of the nation.
list several art forms that elevated france to model for all europe patronage painting, music, archetecture, decoritive arts, ballet, drama france replaced italy as the standard for eurpopean taste
describe the general result of louis military ventures militarism intitally, he gained some border territories but eventually he was hell in check by the dutch and english
what major principal developed as a counter to frances power and ambition? who led this movement? a distribution of military and economic power that would prevent any one country for dominating europe dutch and english
why did louis revoke the edict of nante? what negivite impact did this act have on france? how does it parallel a move by philip II of spain? Saw the huguenots as a threat to religious and political unity more then 100,000 huguenots fled france- they were among the most hard working and prosperous of louis subjects philip expelled muslims and jew- many were skilled artisans and merchants
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