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French Chapter 1

L'Hexagone "The Hexagon" France's nickname, France has 6 sides.
Bretagne is the only peninsula in France.
Corsica part of France, island nation.
English Channel body of water separating France and England, includes "The Chunnel"
Andorra little country between France and Spain, speak French and Spanish.
Alpes biggest mountain range in France, Italy and Switzerland.
River Loire France's longest river, most navigable, Loire Valley- well known for it's castles.
Lille industry
Bordeaux red wine
Lyon 2nd largest city in France
Rouen dying place of St. Joan of Arc.
Strasbourg also German
Marseille oldest and largest sea port in France
Caen D-Day invasions took place there.
Toulous "Pink City" rooftops made of terra cotta
Nantes near the Atlantic ocean, can surf there.
Au revoir Goodbye
A tout a l'heure see you later
A bientot see you soon
A demain see you tomorrow
Salut hi/bye
Tchao Goodbye (borrowed from Italian)
Madame an old/married woman.
Mademoiselle young/unmarried woman
Monsieur young/old man
Comment ca va? how are you?
ca va? how are you?
Super! great
Tres bien very well
ca va fine
comme ci comme ca so-so
pas mal not bad
Bof! expression of indifference
pas terrible not so great
Et toi? and you?
Il s'appelle comment? What is his name?
Elle s'appelle comment? What is her name?
Il s'appelle.. His name is
Ell s'appelle Her name is
Tu as quel age? How old are you?
J'ai______ans I am ____years old
Voyager to travel
Ecouter de la musique to listen to music
Nager to swim
Faire de la natation to swim
Danser to dance
Lire to read
Faire le menage To clean/housework
Skier to ski
faire du sport to play sports
faire les magasins to go shopping
faire du shopping to go shopping
Dormir to sleep
Etudier to study
Pareler au telephone talking on the phone
sortir avec les copains to go out with friends
sortir avec les amis to go out with friends
Regarder la tele watching TV
J'adore I love
J'aime bien I really like
J'aime I like
Je deteste I hate
Je kiffe I love love love
Je t'aime I love you
Je prefere I prefer
Mais j'aime mieux But I prefer
les escargots snails
les vacances vacation
les examens tests
l'anglais English class
le chocolat chocolate/hot chocolate
les frites French fries
le professeur teacher
le prof teacher
le francais French class
le lycee high school
l'ecole school
la glace ice cream/ice
le velo biking
la plage beach
le magasin shops/stores
le football soccer
le foot soccer
le ski skiing
le cinema movies
le cinoche movies
les amis friends
les copains friends
zero 0
un 1
deux 2
trois 3
quatre 4
cinq 5
six 6
sept 7
huit 8
neuf 9
dix 10
onze 11
douze 12
trieze 13
quatorze 14
quinze 15
seize 16
dix-sept 17
dix-huit 18
dix neuf 19
vingt 20
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