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Spain Absolutism TM

A: Background: Charles V and the Hapsburg Empire---Spain Charles inherited a huge European empire 1. Spain 2. Holy roman empire and the netherlands (Austrian hapsburg empire)
B: Background: Charles V and the hapsburg Empire---spain As a catholic, Charles battles protestantism in the german states, but lost; the german princess could choose their on religion
C: Background: Charles V and the hapsburg Empire---spain Ottoman Turks were Charles primary opponent to the south: the ottomans were a major islamic power
D: Background: Charles V and the hapsburg Empire---spain Charles resigned his throne and divided his empire 1. Ferdinand (brother) became Holy Roman emperor and gains central Europe 2. Phillip II (son) controls spain
A: Philip II and Divine Right---goals---spain Goals: 1. Expand spain to have most power in world 2. Strenghten catholicism (attack protestantism at home through inquisition and abroad with armada 3. Make his own power absolute: gain complete authority over government and people based on divine rig
B: Philip II and Divine Right---wars---spain Battle of Lepanto (1571): spanish defeat ottomans at sea; ottomans remain a power on the mediterranean Dutch netherland declare independence from spain northern protestants defended faith protestantsand catholics oppose high taxes, spanish autocraticru
C: Philip II and Divine Right--- Protestant England and queen elizabeth I---spain 1.Philip view england as enemy a.england protestant nation b.supported dutch against spain Elizabeth encouraged piracy against spanish(francis drake seadog) 2:philip sent armada of 130ships, armada killed in storm 3:Spains navy slips as E and F gain
D: Philip II and Divine Right---Siglo De oro: Spains golden Centry---spain 1. el greco: painter studied in renaissance italy; featured religios themes, landscapes, nobles 2. Cervantes: don quixote, europes first modern novel
A: Causes for the economic decline in spain 1. Lack of leadership (after death of phillip II) 2. costly overseas wars drained wealth out of spain 3. treasure from america greatly increased money suppy a. fueled inflation b. led spain to neglect farming and commerce
B: Causes for the economic decline in spain 1. The government heavily taxed the emerging middle class, weaking a dynamic group that otherwise might have supported royal authority 2. expulsion of jews and muslims deprived spain of many skilled artisans and merchants
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