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Patrick Henry authored the Virginia Resolutions
Stamp Act British law passed in 1765 that forced americans to pay a tax on printed documents
Radicals political leaders who work for extreme changes in the law
Boycott refusal to buy goods from a nation or a company. ie. French fries
Republicanism political movement that fought against government corruption in the King's government
Legislature an official lawmaking body of a state or nation
Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death"
Samuel Adams Boston Beer brewer who became a radical leader of the American revoluton in 1765.
Patrick Henry fought of liberal votings rights in the 1700's
Voting rights only white men who owned land could vote
Boston Massacre 4 American radicals were shot dead by British redcoat soldiers
Whigs radicals in England and America who wanted to abolish the Monarchy
Magna Carta forced the King of England the submit to the law of the Land
Boston Tea Party led by Samuel Adams
Sons of Liberty radical group of Americans led by Sam Adams
"No taxation without representation" famous statements used by American radicals to show hatred of British taxes
Stamp Act Congress 13 colonies unified to reject British Stamp Act Tax
King George III British king during American Revolution who tried to force the Americans to obey his laws
Virginia Resolutions written by Patrick Henry. Claimed only Virignia legislature had a right to tax Virginia citizens.
Quartering Act 1765 British law that forced Americans to house and feed British redcoats
Boston Tea Party radical move by Sons of Liberty to protest the Tea Tax in 1773
Monarchy government ruled by a King.
Republicanism radical movement in 1700's that wanted to abolish the Monarchy system
Republicanism radicals who fight government corruption
Aristocracy members of royal family in a monarchy.
Revenue incoming money often collected from taxes
Writs of Assitance legal documents that allowed British officials to search the home of any American colonist
effigy life sized dolls made up to look like hated politicians: often burned in public.
Effect of the Boycott British businessmen pressured Parliament to repeal or cancel the Stamp act
Writs of assistance viewed as an abuse of power
Intolerable acts 1. punishment of Boston tea party; 2.closed Boston Harbor; 3. made public meetings illegal
Loyalists Americans who remained loyal to England
Patriots Americans who wanted Independence from England
Colonial Unity harsh laws and high taxes brought the colonists together in order to fight England
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