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Social Studies

Campbell's Chapter 5 Test Review

Main pupose of the Rural Electrification Act to create and improve electric service in rural areas
Name 3 factors that contributed to the Great Migration WWI, northern African American newspapers, encouragement of northern African Americans
One way telephones affected life in the 1800s people were able to communicate without having to travel
Name one way the mechanization of farms changed life for rural people farmers could have larger farms that raised cash crops
One result of rapid industrialization and urbanization overcrowded cities
Name 3 factors that contributed to the growth of cities in the late 1800s mechanization, immigration, and urbanization
For what is Susan B. Anthony most famous? working for women's suffrage (right to vote)
Name one thing African Americans, Jews, Hispanics, Chinese immigrants had in common in the late 1800s. They faced prejudice and segregation.
What was the greatest result of the women's suffrage movement? Congress passed the 19th Amendment to give women the right to vote.
One thing Jane Addams did to solve problems faced by the city of Chicago. Opened a settlement house to immigrants & their families
How did Booker T. Washington respond to discrimination? He founded Tuskegee Institute, a college for African Americans.
What effect did the Jim Crow Laws have on the lives of African Americans? It made racial segregation legal in the South.
Examples of new rights and educational opportunites gained for women in the 1800s. Women earned right to vote; some colleges opened doors to women; a woman was elected mayor of one town
Examples of ways industry in the 1880s gave people greater access to different kinds of goods. more goods were being produced; goods were less expensive to buy; more stores and mail-order businesses
Challenges faced by urban areas as a result of population and technological changes. More garbage and waste; air pollution; diseases spread quickly among people living in overcrowded conditions
Created by: pcampbell