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Unit Three AP-USH

Chapter 10-12

True of False; Jefferson believed the United States needed a strong army to keep order? False
What was the purpose of the American System? To show that we are self sufficient. Develop economy through transportation.
Why did Washington devise the Proclamation of Neutrality Act? So America could become powerful enough to assert its maritime rights with success. To address the franco-american alliance.
Why is Marbury VS Madison important? What did it give the supreme court the power to do? Supreme court got final say in constitutionality.
Who were the Was Hawks? Democratic Republicans congressmen who pressed James Madison to declare war on Britain.
What was the Monroe Doctrine? What did issuing the the Monroe Doctrine do for America? European powers will not pursue any land future colonization in the Americas. We could back it up. It showed our independence in foreign policy.
Why did the Adams administration want the Sedition Acts? Intimidate the critics of Adams.
What British attack inspired the writing of the Star Spangled Banner? Battle of Fort McHenry.
What did Washington discourage Americans from doing in his farewell address? To stay away from European affairs, no permanent alliances, no political parties, and to avoid sectionalism.
Why did the Adams Administration want the sedition acts? It made it illegal to incite riot, insurrection, or criticize officials.
Under Chief Justice John Marshall, what did Supreme Court decisions tend to do? Take power from the state.
What did the Adams-Onis Treaty do? The US purchased Florida for 5 million dollars. We agreed to leave Texas alone. The 42nd parallel was accepted as the boundary between Mexico and Oregon country.
What was the Era of Good Feelings? The period of one party republican ruling during Monroe's presidency.
What was the Three-Fifths Compromise? Each slave will be counted as three fifths of a person for taxing and representation.
What did the northwest ordinance do? Created a policy for administering Northwest territories.
Why was Anne Hutchinson banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony ? She challenged the religious beliefs.
What was Hamilton's financial plan? Hamilton believed that political leaders should favor the interests of ____? Propertied and monied classes.
What was the Missouri Compromise? What were the results of the Missouri Compromise? (All of the following question) Sectionalism was reduced, 36 degree and 30 degree.
What effect did the Embargo Act of 1807 have on manufacturing? It destroyed American shipping.
Who were the war hawks? Democratic republican congressman who pressed James Madison to declare war on Britain. They supported the war of 1812
What was the Hartford Convention? What was the convention in response to? What was the effect of the convention? Convention of federalists from 5 new england states who opposed the war of 1812. Resolutions helped to cause the death of the federalist party.
What were the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions? A response to the Alien and Sedition act. It nullified federal law.
What does the Revolution of 1800 refer to? The electoral victory of democratic republicans over federalists. The Election of Jefferson.
Why did Jefferson purchase the Louisiana territory? He wanted to remove the French forts from the Mississippi
Why was the National road constructed? To promote trade and communication with the old northwest.
Under the Chief John Marshal, What did Supreme Court decision tend to do? Promote businesses.
Why did Britain withdraw many of its earlier demands at the peace conference at Ghent? (All of the following except) The American Victory of New Orleans
What industry benefitted most from the war of 1812? Manufacturing
How would you best characterize foreign affairs of the 1790s? Isolationistic
What was the era of good feelings? It was a period of one party republican ruling during Monroe's presidency. Short lived and shallow.
What was the most positive accomplishment of the Jefferson Administration? Louisiana Purchase
What happened after the demise of the federalist party? Democratic republican had one party rule
Why did France want to aid us in our war for independence? Wanted to weaken British Empire
A majority of the early English migrants to the Chesapeake Bay Area were ____? Wealthy gentlemen
How was the Articles of Confederation successful? It provided for statehood.
What was Republican Motherhood? Mothers raise their children to be good republicans.
What was the motivation behind the Bill of Rights? Protected rights not yet given by the Constitution
Under the Articles of Confederation congress did not have the power to ? Levey taxes.
What was the three fifth's compromise? Each slave wilt be counted as three fifths of a person for taxing and representation.
What did the Northwest Ordinance do? Created policy for administering northwest territories establish how territories will become states
Why was Anne Hutchinson banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637 She challenged religion beliefs of the leaders.
Stamp act? Raised revenue.
John Marshal 2.3.4
Monroe Doctrine 1. 3.4
Jefferson said "..." He meant. Principle of American government was above political parties.
Which of the american system is correct? Designed to meet economic success.
Created by: Priyanka_sharma