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Middle Colonies

Ch 6 Middle Colonies

What does the word refuge mean? a safe place
An example of self government in the Middle Colonies is The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania
William Penn formed a long lasting peace with which Native American? Tamanend
The English formed what two colonies after taking over New Netherland from the Dutch? New York and New Jersey
What geographical advantage most helped the Middle Colonies become known as the "breadbasket" colonies? fertile soil
The thousands of immigrants who settled in the Middle Colonies added to the regions _________. diversity
The fertile land, deep harbors and mild climate of the Middle Colonies all contributed to the region's ______________ prosperity
William Penn wanted all colonists and Native Americans to be treated with ___________ justice
Benjamin Franklin set up a ______________ to protect Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Colony. militia
Who used a gristmill? a farmer
Name the rights or freedoms that William Penn gave colonists in Pennsylvania? Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to a trial by jury
What were some of the effects of the Great Awakening? The Great Awakening changed religious ideas and practices, helped bring people together, led to greater religious toleration, added to the diversity of religious beliefs, and increased the free exercise of religion.
What role did religion play in the founding and settlement of the Middle Colonies? Many settlers came because they were attracted by the religious freedom offered there. The Dutch let people of different backrounds settle in the colony. Quakers started colonies in NJ and PA to have a safe place to live. It was a big part of social life.
Many young colonists learned how to make a living as artisans by becoming _______________ apprentices
Who was a leader in the Great Awakening? George Whitefield
The Middle Colonies were a home to a _______ of different religious groups. mix
Why was New York City a good location for a port city? It was built at the mouth of the Hudson River, on New York Harbor.
Port cities were important to the economic success of the Middle Colonies because they were major trade centers
How did people in the Middle Colonies learn to do skilled jobs? They became apprentices, living and working with artisans to learn skills
craftsman artisan
an owner proprietor
fairness justice
group of people who decide if someone is innocent or guilty trial by jury
Chief of Lenni Lenape who worked very closely with William Penn Tamanend
someone who enters a new country to make a new life immigrant
Governor of New Netherland who wanted to fight the British but gave up without a single shot being fired? Peter Stuyvesant
A scientist, writer, businessman and politician who was a founding father of our country Benjamin Franklin
economic success prosperity
Accepts others beliefs in terms of God religious toleration
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