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Chapter 14 BB

European Christians launched a series or religious wars. Crusades
The area around Jerusalem. Holy Land
Pope Urban 2
A new leader arose in the Muslim world. Saladin
Fought the Holy Land. Richard the Lion-Hearted European
A group of northern German cities and towns that worked together to promote and protect trade. Hanseatic League
The promise of later payment. Credit
Trade Organizations Guilds
A child who wanted to learn a craft started out as an ___. Apprentice
Once an apprentice had learned the basics of his career, he became a ____. Journeyman
Churches were built in the new __. Gothic
The most important of these advances was a new type of support called the __. Flying Buttress
The process of decorating a written manuscript with pictures or designs. Illumination
Famous medieval poets was a nun. Hildegard or Bingen
Epics and romances were often preformed by wandering singers. Troubadours
Wrote "The Canterbury Tales" Geoffrey Chaucer
Wrote "The Divine Comedy" Dante Alighieri
A teacher at the University of Paris. Thomas Aquinas
Aquinas's approach, known as ___. Scholasticism
Beliefs that opposed the official teachings of the church. Heresy
The primary method used to fight heresy. Inquisitions
Took vows of poverty and obedience, like monks did. Friars
At the head of a huge army, Edward invaded France in 1337. This invasion marked the beginning of the __. Hundred Years' War
Helped change the course of the war. Joan or Arc
Both families had rose symbols, the conflict became known as __. Wars of the Roses
Henry Tudor, who became __. Henry V11
A devastating plaque the swept across the continent between 1347 and 1351. Black Death
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