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CompTIA Security+ 4

What is the biggest drawback to symmetric encryption? The key must be securely shared. This can be complicated because long keys are required for good security.
What is Diffie-Hellman most cominly used for? To protect the exchange of keys used to create a connection using symmetric encryption. It is often used in TLS for protecting secure web pages.
What is AES meant to replace? Advanced Encryption Standard is designed to replace the old U.S. government standard DES.
What kind of encryption cannot be reversed? Hash functions are one-way and cannot be reversed to provide the original plaintext.
What is public key encryption a more common name for? Asymmetric encryption is another name for public key encryption.
How many bits are in a block of the SHA algorithm? 512 bits make up a block in SHA.
How does elliptical curve cryptography work? Elliptical curve cryptography uses two points to calculate a third point on the curve.
A good hash function is resistant to what? A good hash algorithm is resistant to collisions, or two different inputs hashing to the same value.
How is 3DES an improvement over normal DES? 3DES uses multpile keys and multiple encryption or decryption rounds to improve security over regular DES.
What is the best kind of key to have? The best encryption key is one tht is long and rando, to reduce the predictability of the key.
What makes asymmetric encryption better than symmetric encryption? In public cryptography, only the private kays are secret, so key management is built into the algorithm.
What kind of encryption does a digital signature use? Digital signatures use hashing and asymmetric encryption.
What does differencial cryptanalysis require? Differential cryptanalysis requires large amounts of plaintext and ciphertext.
What is a brute force attack? Brute-forcing is the attempt to use every possible key to find the correct one.
What is key escrow? When the government keeps a copy of your private key, this is typically referred to as key escrow.
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