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S.S. test 24

s.s. test on chap 24 study

What did Fitzgerald write? The Great Gatsby
What was the Harlem Renaissance? The rebirth of African-America culture
What was "the spirit of st.louis"? Wealthy people from St.Louis came together and provided supplies for the trip.
What was the nineteenth amendment? women suffrage
What was the eighteenth amendment? Prohibition
Why did the U.S. not want to be apart of the league of nations? They didn't want to be involved in foreign wars
Who was responsible for the teapot dome scandal? Albert Fall
What did Hemingway write? Farewell to Arms
Who was Gertrude Ederle? First woman to swim English Channel
Who was Marcus Garvey? Black political leader
Langston Hughes wrote? My people
Who was Al Smith? Former Governor of New York who was democratic
Who was George Eastman? founder of kodak
Created by: elementdark