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The Pilgrims

What is another name for the Netherlands? Holland
What was the name of the Pilgrims two ships? Mayflower and Speedwell
What happened to the Speedwell? It was leaking and had to return to England.
In what year did the Pilgrims come to America? 1620
Who wrote about the Pilgrims' adventure in Of Plymouth Plantation? William Bradford
Who showed the Pilgrims how to plant corn and where to fish? Squanto
In what two countries had the Pilgrims lived prior to coming to America? England and the Netherlands
Massosoit was the chief of what Indian tribe? Wampanoag
Did all the settlers at Plymouth come to America for religious freedom? No
How did the settlers at Plymouth settle disagreements and handle local matters? Held town meeting
In what year was the vyage of the Mayflower? 1620
In what present-day state was Plymouth located? Massachusetts
What was the first agreement for self-government in America? Mayflower Compact
Why were the Pilgrims known as Separatists? They separated from the Church of England because they didn't think it could be fixed.
Who made the map which named the area where the Pilgrims settled "Plimouth?" John Smith
Who was the first governor of the Plymouth Colony? John Carver
Who was the Pilgrim leader aboard the Mayflower? William Brewster
Who was the first Indian to come to the Pilgrim village? Samoset
Describe the land on which Plymouth was located? on a hill where there was some cleared land
About how many settlers died in the winter of 1620-1621? About half
The Plymouth colony's law-making body was called what? General Court
How many colonists left England aboard the Mayflower? 102 men, women and children
Had other Europeans visited the Cape Cod region before the Pilgrims? Yes
On what date did the Mayflower land in America? December 21, 1620
Created by: marthell
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