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La History Ch 4 Voc

La History Ch 4 Voc CPL

government an organization in society with the authority to make, carry out, and enforce laws.
parish a polictical subdivision within the state of Louisiana
constitution a document that explains the braod purpose of a government, describes its organization and states its power.
federalism a system of government where the national and state governments share powers.
checks and balances a system whereby each branch of government can use its power to keep the other branches from misusing their power.
veto to refuse to approve legislation
executive branch that branch of government responsible for implementing tha laws passed by the legislature, for operating the state government and for overseeing state services.
budget a plan for receiving and spending money
legislative branch the branch of government that is the law making body.
bicameral describes a legislative body made up of two bodies or houses
census to remove or suppress
reapportionment the process of revising the boundaries of legislative districts in order to achieve relatively equal populations
constituent the people represented by an elected official.
bill a proposed law
judicial branch that branch of government that interprets and applies the constitution and the laws of the state; consists of courts
civil law laws that deal with the relationships between and among individuals
criminal law those laws intended to protect society from the wrongdoing of an individual
jury a group of ciitzens chosen to hear evidence on a legal case and to make a decision based on the evidence presented.
taxes amounts charged citizens by their governments (federal, state and local) to pay for services provided.
police jury the form of government used in most of Louisiana's parishes; has five to fifteen elected members.
home rule the power of political subdivisions to govern themselves; local self-government
municipality city or town
open primary an election in which all candidates compete for a position regardless of political party; voters can choose any candidate regardless of political party
lobbying the process of trying to influence a legislator about a proposed law
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