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test 4 preap

What was the significance of Jamestown 1st successful English settlement
What made Pennsylvania a unique colony Religiously tolerant
In which colonies was indigo grown South Carolina
What were the Navigation Acts Shipping must be on English ships or colonial ships, products grown in colonies sold in colonies or in England, imports must pass through England, tax on goods not shipped to England
Why did settlers come to the colonies To make money or for religious freedom
What was Enlightenment Scientific advancements
What was the Great Awakening Religious revival – Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield
Put these events in order: Sugar Act, Boston Tea Party, 1st Continental Congress, Proclamation of 1763, Intolerable Acts Proclamation, sugar act, tea party, intolerable acts, 1st constitutional convention
Define levied placed upon
Why did colonists not like being taxed No taxation without representation
Why did the British march from Boston in April of 1775 (what were they looking for) To arrest Patriot leaders and destroy the militia’s supplies
What was the purpose of the pamphlet Common Sense To incite rebellion and to break away from the British if necessary
What is tyranny Government control without thoughts of individuals
What were some of the grievances against King George Quartering act, no trial by jury, no assemblies, imposed taxes without representation
What was the significance of Lexington and Concord First fights in the Revolution
What advantages did the British have during the Revolution Population, some colonists were loyalists, trained military
What advantages did the Continental Army have during the Revolution Land, military leadership, home field advantage
Who commanded the Continental Army George Washington
What problems did the commander face Training soldiers, preventing desertion, supplies
Put these events in order: Battle of Saratoga, Battles of Trenton and Princeton, Winter at Valley Forge, Battles of Lexington and Concord, Battle of Yorktown Lexington and Concord, Trenton and Princeton, Saratoga, Valley Forge, Yorktown
What happened at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton Crossing of the Delaware, surprised and beat the Hessians
Who were the Hessian mercenaries Hired German soldiers who fought for the British
Who were the minutemen Volunteers who reported quickly for duty
What is the significance of the Battle of Saratoga After this battle France sent supplies
Who was Benedict Arnold War hero turned traitor
Who was John Paul Jones “I have not yet begun to fight” Naval hero
Who was the Marquis de Lafayette Served in the Continental army
What was it like during the winter at Valley Forge No food, cold, lack of supplies, disease
Who seized the British forts along the frontier George Rogers Clark
How did the fighting differ from the north and south South had guerrilla warfare
What was the significance of the Battle of Yorktown Ended the Revolution
What were the reasons for the colonies to win the Revolution British mistakes, foreign aid, they had more at stake
What was the new government like in America Republic
Who was Bernardo de Galvez Raised an army of Spanish soldiers for the Patriots cause
What is strategy A plan of action
What were the results of the French and Indian War Treaty of Paris- British east of the Mississippi and Spain west of the Mississippi
Created by: stinson4