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chpr 37 notes

chapter 37 notes

Frescoes Murals of plaster and water colors
monotheistic belief in one god
republic balance of power; two consuls, neither had absolute power
Roman empire Ruled by an emporer; one man had total control & absolute power
Constantinople city in the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire)
Byzantine Empire The Eastern side of the Roman Empire
Renaissance a thousand years after the fall of the Roman Empire; middle ages
Sistine Chapel Covered with scenes from the bible painted by Michelangelo
Michelangelo a painter who got his painting style from greco-roman paintings
vault an arch to support a roof
dome a vault in the shape of a half circle
triumphal arch a great monumnet in France to celebrate all kinds of things; victories
Aquaduct carries water over 60 miles to wealthy families
Stoicism an acient greek school of philosophy; stoics believe that godly intelligence ruled all of nature; have good character
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