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Egypt- DMS 6th

triangular-shaped land formed by the deposit of silt at the mouth of a river delta
large waterfall cataract
where the Egyptians believed they went at their time of dying afterlife
time of pulling and storing of crops harvest
Egyptians used these to control floods canals
king pharaoh
Egyptian writing hieroglyphics
Egyptian paper papyrus
burial place for the dead pyramids
reason Egyptians preserved bodies as mummies to help their soul in the afterlife
Pharaoh Khufu built this pyramid Great Pyramid at Giza
most powerful Egyptian god Amon-Re
Women did these things in Ancient Egypt household matters, priestesses in the temples, craftworkers, allowed to own property
children of this social class attended school upper class
top of Egyptian social classes Pharaoh
Second social class nobles and priests
3rd social class craftsworkers, merchants (business owners), and scribes
4th social class farmers
lowest social class servants
Amenhotep practiced this belief in one god monotheism
the name of the god Amenhotep IV worshipped Aton
first and only woman pharaoh Hatshepsut
place Amenhotep moved Egypt capital to Akhetaton
type of belief Amenhotep held monotheism
9 year-pharaoh King Tut
2 ways the Nile affected the lifestyle of the Egyptians transportation, religion, government, farming
Egyptians city-states nomes
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