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founding fathers

This is to help those taking a highschool or beginner college history course=P

George Washington First President; General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution
Alexander Hamilton Federalist; a member of Washington's cabinet; founded national bank
John Adams Second President; Federalist; helped write Declaration
Thomas Jefferson Third President; Anti-Federalist; Democratic Republican; helped write Declaration of Independence
John Jay Helped form Treaty of Paris and Jay's Treaty
James Madison Came up with the plan for a strong central government with three governing bodies
Benjamin Franklin Helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris; convinced the French to help America during the Revolution; key figure of the Enlightenment in America
Samuel Adams radical revolutionary; Anti-federalist; founder of the Son's of Liberty
George III King of England during the time of the American Revolution
Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, which inspired the American soldiers to declare independence
John Locke English philosopher whose ideas about natural rights were incorporated into the Declaration of Independence
George Grenville responsible for the Sugar Act, Stamp Act
Patrick Henry fiery orator who encouraged the Americans to break with England; Anti-Federalist
Created by: Hannah=P