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Exam 3

Essay #3

Battle of the North Atlantic subs, warships, etc. Germans were sinking a bunch of our ships up to 1942; however, this was reversed in 1943-1945. Convey System: protect merchant ships
Battle of the Bulge Dec 16 '45- Jan 25 '46 Winter in Ardennes worst winter in decades & everything was perfectly poised for the Nazis to attack US Bastogne 6 major roads center here British attacked for days but US stands George Patton: troops change from E to N
Europe First Command ?
Fire Bombing -created fire storms, didn't just blow up. -even people in bunkers died, bc the fire would pull out all oxygen and people would suffocate.
Hiroshima & Nagasaki Nagasaki(Aug. 6, 1945)- we bombed bc: -to end war quickly -save Japanese & US lives -we invested millions in these bombs -RACE -to stop Russians by showin them we have nuclear weapons
Island Hopping (Nimitz) -1 of the 2 strategies to get Japan. -this strategy was to take over little islands that were on the way to Japan. - hop from island to island
Iwo Jima -it took 6 weeks to take. -we had to kill EVERY Japanese only 1,000 died, but the rest were prisoned. -the costliest battle in the history of the Marine Corps
Midway (June 1942) turning point -Japanese invade w/ ships, aircraft, & ? - we destroyed 4 out of 5 carriers, they destroyed 1 out of our 3.
Normandy Invasion (D-Day) *June 1944* -Eisenhower's Failure Speech- he took the blame for the failure to gain a foothold in the Cherbourg-Havre area. -Omaha Beach: moving inland w/in a day
North Africa -Dwight Eisenhower?? -German embarrass US, but we won.
Okinawa (23 mi long) -take 70,000 of 77,000 defenders -Kamikaze-one way suicide aircraft carrier -used these to attack Americans
Pearl Harbor *Dec 7, 1941* A. Japanese spent months traveling B. Good News: -aircraft carriers were not here -oil reserves weren't destroyed
Sicily & Italian Campaign ?
Strategic Bombing A. PRECISION DAYLIGHT BOMBING: whole bunch of air crafts would bomb a precise area B. Air loses: -1943, 2/3 airmen dont complete their 2nd tour -85,000 airmen lost C. Dehousin(1944): bombin whole cities;even civilians, not just military D. fireb
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