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Mitochondria SG


True or False: The saliva that is being produced that is initially being put into the lumen of the acinar unit is different in composition than what is in oral cavity True and same goes for sweat on the skin
How is sweat initially put out? How is it released? Isotonic and is released on the sking hypotonic
What happens in the ductal system? There is a lot of sodium reabsorption and remodeling of the material
Why are the striated ducts of the salivary glands eosinophilic? Massive amounts of infolding on the plasma membrane and they are eosinophilic because of the amount of mitochondria present
Do neutrophils need a lot of mitochondria? No they can live in an anaerobic environment
What types of tissue need a high number of mitochondria? Tissues that use a lot of energy
What influences mitochondria positioning? The ctyoskeletal structures
Do we need a lot of energy in the basal area? Yes because we have a lot of active transport
Describe the two membrane mitochondria system Outer membrane: Very porous. Inner membrane: Cristae foldings
How is mitochondria self sufficient? Contain DNA, RNA and ribosomes. Majority of the proteins that are required by mitochondrial function are encoded by nuclear genes and imported.
What is the matrix enclosed in? An internal membrane structure
True or False: You make mitochondria by de novo synthesis False
True or False: Mitochondria is maternally inherited True
What specialized lipid does the inner membrane contain? Cardiolipin: Puts a negative charge on the exterior portion of the inner membrane which is important to maintain the integrity and participating in formation of ATP
Where is the site for the electron transport chain? In the infoldings of the inner membrane
What causes things with lots of mitochondria to stain eosinophilic? A lot of the proteins in the mitochondria are very basic
What do proteins have that need to get to the mitochondria? Targeting motifs. Targeting sequences-target translocases TIMs and TOMs
True or False: TOMs are for outer membrane and TIMs are for inner membrane True
How do heat shock proteins participate? They keep things in the unfolded state in the matrix. HSP is the cytoplasm will allow the protein to expose its mitochondrial binding domain and allow proteins to come in
What does the mitochondri genome encode? 13 proteins, 22 tRNAs and ribosomal RNAs
True or False: Mitochondria is more eukaryotic like False: More bacteria like.
Describe the mitochondria genome No introns. No capping on its mRNA , has polyadenylation. No histones. Not synthesized de novo. Comes from oocyte