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World History Pg 7-8

What are some inventions of the Bronze Age? Wheels, Plows, Writing, Money, Cities, Armies, and Chariots.
How long did the Bronze Age last? 4,000 BC to Beginning of Iron Age (1,000 BC)
What did the Egyptians learn from Mesopotamia? Irrigation, the plow, writing, and other technologies
Why is Egypt said to be the "Gift of the Nile"? Due to the fertile soils caused by annual floods and easy transportation by boat
What two main Gods did the Egyptians worship? Ra, God of the Sun and creator of life, and Osiris, the god of rebirth
Name Egypt's modern capital city. Cario
Who developed our 365-day calender base we use today? Ancient Egyptians
Kings of ancient Egypt who were worshiped as if they were Gods? Pharaohs
Pharaohs built massive works such as? Irrigation Systems, Temples, and Monuments
Ramses 2 was known for what? A warrior and builder
The first important woman ruler of history. Queen Hatshepsut
Who was the last queen of the thirty-one dynasties? Cleopatra
The best-known pharaoh who died at age 18? Tutankhamen( King Tut)
What did King Tut's tomb contain? over 5,000 objects, inc. life-like mask of gold
Why did government become necessary? Societies grew
Major types of governments in history have included? Monarchies(Kings and Queens), Democracies, and Dictatorships( One Person)
For a body to be reserved, priests had to do what two things? Mummification and Religious rituals
What type of people removed vital organs? Skilled embalmers
What was the most famous burial tomb in Egypt? The Great Pyramid at Giza
The pyramids were the oldest and only remaining examples of what? The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Standing guard over the pyramids is a head of a pharaoh and body of a lion. It is known as what? A Sphinx.
The system of writing using pictures to represent words or syllables is known as what? The hieroglyphics
Hieroglyphics preserved records of what? Egyptian culture
What did Egyptians write hieroglyphics on? Papyrus
People did not understand hieroglyphics until what was discovered in the late 1700's? the Rosetta Stone
Hieroglyphics were written with a translation in what language? Greek
The savanna is large land area in? Central and Southeast Africa
What is the longest river in the world? Nile
What are flat areas of land that form at the mouths of rivers where it flows into the sea? the Deltas
What are Egypt's two largest cities? Cairo and Alexandra
The Sahara Desert is the what in the world? the largest, driest desert
What does the Sahara Desert separate? North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
What is the land that lies south of the desert? the Sub-Saharan Africa
Why are people living in the Sub-Saharan Africa called "Black Africa"? People have darker skins than north Africans
It took how many years for skin color to change from black to white in Africa? 20,000 years
Created by: Awesomejessicas
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