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Chapter 8

The Jefferson Era

Who was the second president of the United States? John Adams
Why was the election of 1800 significant (important)? It marked the first transition of power from one political party to another.
Who was the third president of the United States? Thomas Jefferson
What did the 12th amendment do? It created a separate ballot for president and vice president.
What were Jefferson’s policies as president? to support the will of the majority, limit the national government, protect the rights of the people, etc..
What was the Judiciary Act of 1801? it created federal judge positions which were filled with Federalists so they could keep control of the judicial branch.
What name did the press give to the judges which Adams appointed before he left office? Midnight judges
What was the significance of the Supreme Court case Marbury v Madison? it established judicial review
What is Judicial Review? the power of the Supreme Court to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional
When Americans began settling further west, which city became an important port? New Orleans
Why did Jefferson want to buy New Orleans? because he feared foreign powers might shut down the port to Americans
Who was the powerful French ruler who dreamed of expanding his empire into North America? Napoleon Bonaparte
What surprise did Jefferson’s ambassadors encounter when they offered to buy New Orleans from France? They were offered all of Louisiana Territory
Why did France sell the Louisiana Territory? they needed to pay for a war in Europe with the English
How much did the Louisiana Purchase actually cost? 15 million dollars
The purchase of French land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains in 1803 The Louisiana Purchase
In what way did the Louisiana Purchase affect the United States? It doubled the area
What was the expedition that began in 1804 to explore the Louisiana Territory? the Lewis and Clark Expedition
This man was a former army captain selected by President Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory. Meriwether Lewis
This man was an American soldier. He was invited by his friend to explore the Louisiana Territory in 1804. William Clark
An Army officer sent on a mission to explore the West, he was ordered to find the headwaters of the Red River. A mountain that he climbed in Colorado is named after him. Zebulon Pike
She was a Shoshone woman who, along with her French-Canadian fur-trapper husband, accompanied and aided on the exploration of the Louisiana Territory. Sacagawea
What were the explorers of the Louisiana Territory sent to find? a water route to the Pacific Ocean (the Northwest Passage)
What river provided a route through most of the Louisiana Purchase? The Missouri River
What area did Zebulon Pike explore? the Southwest
How did the British violate neutrality agreements causing some Americans to call for war? They searched US ships for runaway sailors and war supplies
What is an embargo? a ban on trade
What was the Embargo Act? A law that banned… a ban on trade with ALL foreign countries
Who was the president in office when the Embargo Act was passed? Thomas Jefferson
Why did Congress pass the Embargo Act? They wanted to punish Great Britain and keep American merchants safe
How did the Embargo Act affect the U.S.? it damaged the economy
What was another reason the U.S. decided to go to war with Great Britain? Americans believed the British were supplying the Native Americans with weapons.
Who was Tecumseh? A Shawnee chief who tried to unite the Native Americans against the U.S.
Who fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe? U.S. troops and Tecumseh’s warriors
Who won the Battle of Tippecanoe? The U.S.
Who were the War Hawks? Congressmen who demanded a war with the British
Which president was in office when the U.S. declared war against Great Britain in 1812? James Madison
What events that occurred early in the war of 1812 boosted U.S. morale? U.S. naval victories over the British
What territory was the U.S. attempting to gain control of during the War of 1812? Canada
Who was the commander of the Tennessee militia who defeated the Creek Indians? Andrew Jackson
The Treaty that forced the Creek Indians to give up millions of acres of land was the… Treaty of Fort Jackson
What present-day states are located on the lands won during the Creek Wars? Mississippi and Alabama
What did British troops do when they attacked Washington D.C.? they burned the White House
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? Francis Scott Key
Where was the Star Spangled Banner written? Fort McHenry
In what battle did Andrew Jackson severely defeat the British and become a national hero? the Battle of New Orleans
A meeting of Federalists to protest the War of 1812 The Hartford Convention
The Treaty that ended the War of 1812 The Treaty of Ghent
Be familiar with the order of the events discussed in this chapter. Including… The Battle of New Orleans, The Battle of Tippecanoe, The Creek War, The Treaty of Ghent, The Embargo Act, etc…
A U.S. victory over an Indian confederation that wanted to stop white settlement in the Northwest Territory; it increased tension between the U.S. and Great Britain The Battle of Tippecanoe
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