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Chapter 9 Vocab BB

Nomadic Arab Peoples Bedouins
Prophet of the Islam whom Muslims recognize as Allah's messenger to all humankind. Muhammad
Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina cam to as the ___ or Hijra. Hegira
Faith called ___, meaning "Achieving peace through submission to God" Islam
Number of followers, who were known as ___, grew up rapidly as Muhammad preached. Muslims
The sacred text of Islam. Qur'an
The Qur'an lays out five basic acts of worship that are central to Islam and that Muhammad himself fulfilled. Five Pillars of Islam
A building for Muslin prayer. Mosque
A word that can be translated as "struggle for the faith." Jihad
One of Muhammad's closest companions and one of the earliest converts to Islam, was chosen. Abu Bakr
"Successor" Caliph
Area ruled by a Caliph, stretched all the way from northern Africa in the west to Persia in the east. Caliphate
The first dynasty over the Muslim Caliphate. Umayyad
"Followers of the Sunna" or "way of the prophet" Sunnis
From the phrase that means "Party of Ali" Shia
With addition to the Sunni and Shia division, a third group developed within Islam. Sufis
Dynasty the overthrew the Umayyad dynasty to rule the Muslim caliphate from 750 to 1258. Abbasid
The most prominent Abbasid caliph, helped bring Muslim culture to great heights during his reign from 786 to 809. Harun al-Rashid
An instrument for finding the positions and movements of stars and planets. Astrolabe
Wrote commentaries on Aristotle. Ibn Rushd
A Persian doctor know also as Avicenna. Ibn Sina
Wrote a history of the world. Ibn Khaldun
Beautifully styled writing. Calligraphy
Tall towers from which the faithful are called to prayer and domes are common features of mosques. Minarets
Muslim poets produced works in several languages. One of them was Jalal ad-Din ___, whose Persian-language poems from the 1200s are still read and recited by many people. Rumi
Writing in Persian was ____. His collection of four-line poems is called the Rubaiyat. Omar Khayyam
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